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Thread: Intimidation

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    Quote Originally Posted by windycanyon View Post
    I am always surprised at the number of JH handlers who think nothing of pop jerking or ear pinching their dogs in the holding blinds. And then they act all surprised when the marshal tells them they can't DO that. I had to warn a couple this past weekend as a marshal. Given that some folks were apparently warned by judges about even holding collars too tightly, my guess is the offenders I had to warn were likely dropped due to something along the way, but I tried to tell them that their training should have been done before they entered.

    OTOH, I had a couple folks tease me for a rambunctious butt smacking (which makes mine get wiggly-happy) while waiting to be test dog. I never realized that the intimidation subject was that murky!
    What amazes me is the number of highly experienced all age field trial dog handlers who also do this frequently whenever they can get away with it.............

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    Surprised at that "good dog" conversation. I was at a hunt test 2 states away one time and running senior. My dog had a rough week of training prior and was having confidence issues on blinds. Looking back I shouldn't have run him. The water blind was through mostly running water, out onto land and to a fence line where the bird was. My dog got half way through the running water and I saw he was losing confidence so I whistle sat him, and said "good!" without thinking about it. I was new to hunt tests and didn't know if I'd just blown it or not. He passed, so apparently not.
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