Grass Carp in pond
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Thread: Grass Carp in pond

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    Default Grass Carp in pond

    Have any of you used grass eating carp in your pond to help clean it up? If so what were the results?

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    the results at our public retriever pond are fair. the worst part is just about the time you call for "mark" a fish decides it time to jump in the air to screw up the whole test!

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    First question is where do you live and it makes a difference.
    Grass carp work - I live in Alabama ( sometimes) and we use 5 carp to the acre.
    Also some use tilapia as we do.
    Tilapia are eat grass and not other fish, at water over 72 they spawn every 14 days plus they are very high in protein so excellent bass food. The bad news is they die off when the water hits around 47
    At $5 a pound I put in about $200 each year. So cheaper than weed killers
    Just my tale - hope it helps and it works for us. Also use some of that pond dye that filters the light and keeps weeds from growing

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    There are "pro" and "con" replies in the thread:

    Despite the "cons", I'm considering putting a FEW in each pond. The coontail (weed) is so thick in 2 of my ponds that the dogs can hardly swim thru it and it's very hard work to rake it out. (I made a 5 ft rake with 1 foot tines. I get several hunderd pounds in one 100 yd pass, but then have to try to lift it on shore...)

    OP NOTE: Double thread.

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