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Thread: Stolen dog and puppy Update: FOUND!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by labman63 View Post
    The momma dog is chipped the puppy not. Police were called and according to her owner didn't seem to care a whole lot. I have called or texted most of the trainers in the area.
    File a police report including the value of the trained and almost titled MH Lab and the value of the puppy. I hope the owner finds them.
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    Saying some prayers that the dog and pup are found. The thieves need a good ole fashioned tar and featherin'.
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    Tell him to write a notice, about the dogs stating where and when the dog were taken, names contact etc. then post it, the various forums (RTF, HRC) Facebook etc those places gets a lot of hits; the unofficial HRC facebook page has members in constant communication everywhere. He's got to get it out there because, once people know in a certain area, they start looking, and a lot of dog people have interesting connections. Several Dogs have been found that way, (Bella, Boz etc.) Also that dog is a AKC titled, trained, working dog (not a pet) it's worth money, depending on the area a little dog napping could be considered a felony, sometimes thieves don't know this, if it gets reported correctly sometimes a dog amazingly ends up back in a yard.
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    Its time when they are caught that they actually get in trouble, instead of a slap on the wrist. They used to shoot horse thieves maybe its time to do the same to dog thieves.... If they can make a micro chip why cant they add a tracking chip so we can find them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    Its time when they are caught that they actually get in trouble, instead of a slap on the wrist. They used to shoot horse thieves maybe its time to do the same to dog thieves.... If they can make a micro chip why cant they add a tracking chip so we can find them.
    And put it in the butt of the thieves and track them from now on...
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    This make me sick..praying on finding your dogs safe and the thief dead.

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    Is there a local, hardcore, HSUS/PETA cult? I've been hearing rumors of those whack jobs starting to steal dogs out of backyards to "save" them. Maybe mention that to the police?
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    i dont know what the value on a mh dog is now days, i have seen hrc started dogs going for $2000 and up and grhrch go from $10,000-$20,000. so wouldnt that put this in the grand theft range. cops should act like it is as big a deal as it is.

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    Unfortunately, in most places the dog is a chattel and is just valued as livestock. IOW, you can't charge based on all the time and money put into the dog. Assuming the dog is found, you may have better luck nosing around in the animal cruelty parts of the state and local law.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labman63 View Post
    Just got a call from a client. Someone took his SH and her 3 month old puppy from his backyard kennel. Greensboro NC. He and his kids are heartbroken. Betty only needs one pass for her MH title and he was bringing her back to me tomorrow to start getting her ready after having a litter in June. I know it's a long shot but anyone in the area please keep a lookout. Both are black.
    i am not sure if this will help but maybe getting a picture posted on this forum would help too. Maybe if we had a pic we could check Craig's list in our respective areas. I certainly will.
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