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In 1977, I attended parachute school at Fort Benning, GA. The most serious challenge at jump school - aside from stepping out of a perfectly good airplane at an 1,100' altitude - was the upper-body strength requirement, including the ability to do 7 chin-ups & masses of push-ups. The ostensible reason was that steering a WWTII T-10 parachute requires you to pull hard on the risers; the real reason was to ensure that Airborne are an elite. Men were routinely washed out of jump school for not being able to do the chin-ups. By the third week, so many male officers had washed out that, although I was a junior Army Captain, I was the senior army officer remaining & had become the class commander. The Army had just opened parachute training to women, & my class included about 13 enlisted women & 4 or 5 female officers. Since women could not meet the uppr-body-strength requirement, instead of chin-ups, the women "chinned" lying on an inclined board, & none of the Black Hats (cadre) bothered them much about push-ups. Nevertheless, all of the enlisted women had voluntarily dropped out during the 1st week, & all but one officer voluntarily quit by the end of the second week. After the 5th & last jump I stood in the drop zone, watching our female officer drift off the drop zone & into the trees: She was too light & not strong enough to steer the parachute. She was also designated the Class Officer Honor Graduate. Submitted by Major Terence Huber, US Army retired
IMO - This says a lot about a military we are supporting that is unable to do it's job. A military fraught with charges of sexual misconduct which does nothing to enhance the military capabilities of those sworn to protect our country.

During this last year we spent a lot of time around a military installation - apparently those underpaid defenders of freedom don't eat at the mess hall any more. We watched significant numbers of trim to nearly obese GI's of mostly the weaker sex chow down at the various eating places around the fort.

Needless to say I will no longer support a strong defense (on the polls) when in fact it is anything but.

We have become a nation of perception rather than performance .