2001/2002 Hunting Season Photo Album

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Steve Shaver of UT got this shot of 11 month old Lucy on her first pheasant hunt.  Steve says she's figuring it out nicely!


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Darryl Hudson of Latrobe, PA had a great early season as did his  female chocolate lab Cocoa! 


jimcapblind.jpg (29151 bytes)jimandcap.jpg (20557 bytes)jimdukecap.jpg (27675 bytes)

Jim Belmont and Cappy, of Las Vegas, NV win the blind paintjob matching camo jacket contest!  Jim is shown with an early season Nevada pair of mallards (center) and on the right with Lewellyn Setter Duke and cap after a morning in the blind.


crayhunt.jpg (19716 bytes) craygoosefield.jpg (19717 bytes) bear.jpg (18958 bytes) lauriefield.jpg (19669 bytes)

Cray Stephenson is waiting on Minnesota geese with Bear, a client dog.  Center pics - a MN goosefield at sunrise and a closeup of Bear.  On the right is Laurie "enjoying" the cold cut cornfield.

gumb1.jpg (26165 bytes)

Rob Heilig and "Gumbo" pose with some woodies after a SC duck hunt.  And no, it's not a "swamp poodle", it's a Boykin.  Well, OK...it's both!  They had to break ice on this hunt - rare in SC.

nimlab.jpg (22883 bytes) nimirelandshoot.jpg (19850 bytes) nimbaglabs.jpg (28814 bytes) neillab.jpg (24613 bytes) gunsbeater.jpg (40556 bytes)

 Nimrod of Ireland's lab after a hunt.  Dressed for a day's shooting in Ireland. Two Irish labs with a day's bag.  Nimrod's son Neil with young lab Sam standing at the "peg" waiting for the first drive.   The guns, the beaters and the dogs at an Irish hunt.

rangerdoves.jpg (20995 bytes) ronrangerdove.jpg (27199 bytes)

Ranger is owned by Ron Green of Phoenix, Arizona.  The left picture shows ranger after a September desert dove shoot.  On the right Ranger is pictured with the boss Ron next to partners Eric Hoffman and Scout.



Storm.jpg (21769 bytes)Storm2.jpg (28759 bytes)



Dave Weidner of the Navesink Hunting Retriever Club (New Jersey) sends these early season pics of his 2 year old WR Atwater Seaglass N the storm JH dawg.

Widgeon.jpg (27187 bytes)Gadwall2.JPG (32649 bytes)

Roy O'Dell's dawg Shadow at age two with a Widgeon (left) and a Gadwall (right).  Roy is from Fort Worth Texas and is a member of the Cowtown Hunting Retriever Club.

Hunt2.jpg (25529 bytes)Graced.jpg (29579 bytes)

Norm and Kerri Lynch of Lanark, Ontario Canada own 9 1/2 year old Cedrick (left) pictured here with three hunting buddies.  Gracie is pictured (Right) with brothers Norm and Wally Lynch.  She is the 5 year old daughter of Cedrick.

lucy_hunt.jpg (28640 bytes)

Darren Wallace took this action shot of Lucy during a Mid-West pheasant hunt this Fall.  Lucy 's training all paid off on this trip!

alex.jpg (20136 bytes)

Gerry the dawg is shown in this picture after a successful Idaho Pheasant hunt.  Gerry is owned by Alex of Fair Oaks, California.

donnie.jpg (38860 bytes)zack.jpg (25126 bytes)

Donny, "Da man" Morgan owns Lily seated next to Teddy (owned by Dan Richardson) in the left hand picture after an early Fall Pheasant hunt in upstate NY.  On the right is Donny and Lisa Morgan's "Zack" after a Fall Marsh duckhunt in the Rochester, NY area.

RR2.jpg (19712 bytes)

Kevin (Red Ryder) S. of Iowa is the adult in the picture.  On the left is yellow SR WR CP Sarah.  Seated with Kevin is son Jason.  On the right is Knight, MH CP QAA.

irelab.jpg (62985 bytes)Lab with wigeon (2).jpg (14289 bytes)

Here are a couple pics of  UK labs owned by Nimrod of Ireland.  Mallard on the left and a wigeon on the right.

Stormbringingoose.jpg (25456 bytes)Stormduck.jpg (36919 bytes)DaveStormGoose.jpg (35887 bytes)

Some late season pics of Dave Weidner's New Jersey cornfield waterfowling action. Storm retrieves a goose on the left, a drake mallard center and a team photo on the right.

ROCKY.jpg (33723 bytes)GregBand.jpg (13074 bytes)

Hunting with Dave Weidner (above pics) are Greg Dwyer and his golden Rocky.  In a classic, under the shell shot on the left Rocky lies in wait.  On the right - SUCCESS!  This is Greg and Rocky's first banded honker!

Reo.jpg (28023 bytes)

"Don't ever let anyone say you can't take field trial dogs hunting." says Pat F. of Eastern PA.  Here's proof positive that dogs trained by the proverbial white coats can do very well.  REO Speed Waggin' on his first official goose hunt.   

        sandy2.jpg (41247 bytes)                      sandymoi.jpg (57395 bytes)             sandymoi2.jpg (34018 bytes)

Pictured here is Yellow Sandy and black Moira owned by Bill and Cathy Genier of Granville, NY.  These are mother and daughter out of Bill's breedings hunting on a secret haunt on the Hudson River.   Man Bill, that spot looks awful familiar.   I miss it! 

giantduk.jpg (27092 bytes)

 This  "giant duck" was retrieved by Doc's yellow pointing lab, "Casey".  Casey's boss is one of RTN's two resident chiropracters.  (That we know of!)  Perhaps even more lurk.  If I recall correctly, this was determined to be some sort of cross between two species.

gator.jpg (21964 bytes)

 Now "Judge" is a dawg you don't wanna mess with!  Judge and his boss do the whitecoat thing and reside in the great waterfowling state of Texas.  Judge keeps his boss' duckblind areas clear of intruders, as shown here.

patch.jpg (24865 bytes)

Patrick (Patch) Stambaugh (age 12) is shown here with GMHR Kingston's Ivy League after a nice day of pheasant hunting.  Both are "owned" by Joe and Deb Stambaugh of Kingston Kennels - Goldvein, VA.

browndawg.jpg (28993 bytes)

This browndawg is one of  Dave Bray's breedings at Kinkade Chesapeakes, in Western PA.

Luke & drake.jpg (29122 bytes)   Randy1.jpg (22191 bytes)

Luke is shown here with a nice IL migrator and the day's take.  Luke is owned by Randy Butler of IL.

stegpup.jpg (45979 bytes)

Memories of a great day.  Bill Steglitz went out on the last day of the Massachusetts duck season, just him and Cooper.  Cooper is holding an authentic Atlantic Flyway Black Duck here.

JPaul.jpg (36588 bytes)

J.Paul Jackson is happy with the day's take here with Maddie after a day of Jonesboro, AR area duck hunting with clients.

Blastgrace.jpg (30074 bytes)

Here's Harry Harper with Gracie on their West-Central Texas duck lease in peanut country.  They had their best season ever there with over 400 birds taken and 4 bands.


beaverdamjan01.jpg (41731 bytes)

January 27, 2001.  Chris Atkinson, Buster, Jake and Robert Milner on a memorable hunt at Beaverdam Duck Club in Tunica, MS.  This was the final weekend of the club's existence - the longest running duck club in the United States is now done.


kirksnow.jpg (20920 bytes)

Kirk Sherbine and his lab Jake are both taking a mid-action break on one of the hottest January goose hunts of the season!   This shot was taken in Somerset County and included flocks from three different bodies of water in two both Maryland and PA.  Kirk and Jake are both in their own custom/home-made coffin blinds!

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