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Welcome to the Retriever Training Forum!
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Event Information

List your trial/test dates, seminar information, club get-togethers and results here.
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The JUDGE's Chair

Clubs - a resource to help fill your judging requirements! Judges - a spot to list your credentials. Suggestion: be mindful of your chosen venue's regulations around solicitation for judging. *-Give BACK to the sport! *
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Product Review

For detailed discussion of retriever training products, veterinary supplies, etc. (Suppliers, you are welcome to respond to consumers through this board, but don't make it a free advertising campaign! Abuse by commercial suppliers will not be fun for anyone.)
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The Rule Books for discussion of rules of various venues.

AKC Field Trials

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AKC Hunt Tests

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CKC Field Trials

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CKC Hunt Tests

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RTF Classifieds

Classifieds - Real Estate

For sales of training grounds, kennel facilities, hunting clubs, duck marshes, etc.
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Classifieds - Equipment, Art, Outdoor Collectibles

For selling/buying equipment and gear related to our retriever activities. Also for framed prints, DU-banquet-type merchandise, etc.
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Classifieds - Lab Puppies

For Labrador Puppies. Please include all pertinent data in your ad. (contact info, OFA, CERF, etc.)
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Classifieds - Golden Puppies

Ads for Golden Retriever Puppies
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Classifieds - Chessie Puppies

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy ads go here.
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Classifieds - Started Dogs For Sale

A general category for all started dog sales.
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Classifieds - General Sporting Breed Puppies

For other breeds not specified above: Tollers, Flatcoats, Springers, Irish, Curlies.....
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Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)

For at-stud, or for stud-wanted ads.
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Wanted - Canine and Personnel

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Classifieds - Canine General

For general canine ads, not fitting the above categories.
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Vendor Deals

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Hawkeye Media

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Community Help Section
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Test Forum

Please use this section to try out pictures, Avatars, etc.
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  1. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    I’ve read the rules through several times but still have a few questions. 1. Are chain slip leads okay to walk to the holding blind? 2. if a diversion bird is thrown as dog is returning with Mark, can handler use voice or whistle command “here”? 3. Walk ups. Are they generally the first bird...
  2. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Master test 3 rd series. Instructions to handlers is to run both blinds in any order. Marks by invitation. Blinds are to the left of the left mark and up the middle between the AOF of mark 1 and 2. Many dogs had a difficult time with both as they were long angle entries and skinny water on the...
  3. Looking to compile a list of dogs with semen available and/or that are still alive I know Mully is one And Hudson thanks!
  4. The JUDGE's Chair
    Just read the "judging Derby" article in Retriever Journal written by Judy Rasmussen and Dennis Voight. This should be a mandatory read for ALL existing AKC judges and especially new ones. The one big take away from this is DON'T JUDGE LINES in the Derby. I have run against so many renown judges...
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