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  6. (MS) NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo x Biggs MH (CHLT Factored)
  7. (MS) HRCH Coolwaters Leroy Brown QAA MH MNH x SHR Black Magic Potion
  8. (SD) FC AFC Snapper x B Bumble daughter (yellow litter)
  9. FC AFC Flex X Maggie QA2
  10. (KY) FC AFC RANGER x NETTIE METCALF (Mickey Sibling)
  11. (ut) fc afc cafc money talks ii x gypsy mh
  12. (WI) FC Driver x FC AFC Sailor daughter - black and yellow pups
  13. (NE) CFC CAFC HRCH Hank x NFC Mickey Daughter
  14. (GA) GRHRCH "Troy" MH X HRCH "Harper" MH (Chocolate litter)
  15. (TN) Jack QA2 (9 Open Points) x Nellie QA2 (Am win)
  16. (SD) 4xGMPR ZEUS x ROWYN All Yellow Litter
  17. (KS) FC AFC Mickey x Mully QAA (NFC FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie daughter)
  18. FC-AFC Fly Me To The Moon x She's Dancing On The Midway MH32 (NAFC Tubb's daughter)
  19. (KY) FC AFC Deacon x GRHRCH Nelli MH
  20. (TN) Ty MH QA2 (Open Points) x Demi QA2 (All Age Points)
  21. NFC AFC Bayou Teche Swing For The Fence X NAFC Tubb daughter
  23. (NY) FC AFC 3Rs' Mr T Smoken Joe X Peaks Shootin' The Way To Happiness MH QA2
  24. **Blk Male Available**FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x NAFC/FC Grady Daughter
  25. (MN) Possum's White Lightnin' QAA (FC AFC Ritz son) x CFC CAFC Hank daughter
  26. (KS) FC AFC Mickey x HRCH Pitch MNR (NFC Emmitt Daughter)
  27. (AL)High Test Prospects - NFC FC AFC FOXX x FTCH Ida QA2 QFTR JFTR
  28. (WA/MT) FC Trulines Just Floyd x Wranglers Painted Lady
  29. (TX) FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x Belmar's Poor Baby Zebra (Am Win)
  30. *FC AFC Paddle Creek's Carbon Grade x Wagon Wheel's Dirt Roads, Tailgates, &Fireball*
  31. (IA/NE) GRHRCH Diesel MH MNR x Luna (Chocolate Litter)