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  6. (MN) QAA Cooper X QAA2 HRCH "Haley"
  7. (MN) Fox red labs out of hrch/mh
  8. (TN) JJ x Mae Repeat Breeding - Ready to go home
  9. (OH) Yellow pups 4peat breeding
  10. (OH) Son of Lean Mac sired yellows
  11. (OH) Reduced to sell yellows sired by son of Lean Mac x FC AFC
  12. (LA) FC AFC sire blacks and chocolates
  13. (MT) nice black lab pups
  14. (IA) FC AFC B Bumble "Stinger" x HRCH Stuck's Fetchum Up Lucy Lou MH born July 5
  15. (KY) Planned Litter FC AFC x GRHRCH MH
  16. (MS) HRCH UH Flatwood's Preacher Man MH MNH3 4 Chocolate Males, 1 Black Male
  17. AR Texas Troubadour daughter HRCHxGRHRCH Black litter
  18. (TX) Cosmo Puppies born 8/13
  19. (SD) HRCH UH 500 pts x HRCH - Black and yellows
  20. (LA) Hammer x Layla pups
  21. HRC Hall of Fame X Hall Of Fame Planned Chocolate Breeding!
  22. (TN) FC AFC Mickey x Fancy NDL QAA
  23. (IA/NE) NAFC Croc Xmas Puppies (Choc/Tri-Factor)
  25. (MN) Very nice yellow pups ready Oct 8th. NAFC Grady son X FC AFC Bubba daughter
  26. (IL) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision x Prairie States Windfalls Last Echo SH
  27. GMHR Oakley x SR Kim
  28. FTW Diego x Jess
  29. (MD) Topendís Heartín Soul MH QAA x Rev's Country Girl MH
  30. Windmere Colonial Buck Rose MH12 X Ranger’s Lincolnton Marlie Rose MH
  31. (TN) Percy NDL x Bristol MH
  32. (AR) HRCH x HRCH
  33. (TX) FC/AFC sire,proven producing female: blacks and Chocolates
  35. (Ut) FC AFC Aran Island’s Dougan x Stormy Rivers Texas Teika JH
  36. (WA) Chocolate pups from strong working lines
  37. (TX) MH son of Cosmo x Producer of Double Header Winner
  38. AFC Brink’s Buster Brown x Timbermills Three Sheetz to the wind SH
  39. NAFC FC AFC "Tubb" X "Gabby" FC AFC HOF Stepper Daughter
  40. (MN) FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazz Time Cut to the Chase X QAA ( NFC x FC AFC)
  41. (IA/NE) Blk/Choc GRHRCH Revitt Upís Power Surge MH MNR x Chloe (FC AFC X MH)
  42. Ruff River's Cornfield Commander QAA2 X MH Dam - Black Puppies Born 9/26/19
  43. FC Gator (Chopper Son) X FC Lucy Great Derby National Birth date!
  44. AFC Luke x Gracee QAA (one male available)
  45. FC AFC Dude x Bella SH (Tubb Daughter)
  46. (MD) Ranger QA2 (4 AA Pts) x Scout MH (NAFC Tubb)
  47. (MS) '16 NFC FC AFC Mickey x Chlt MH FC Runnin With The Devil grandsire
  48. FC AFC Glenhoma's El Chupacabra X Harvest Moonís Beware The Ides Of March RHR MH
  49. (TN) 2012 NAFC Trav X Daisy (2014 NAFC Tubb Bitch)
  50. JJ X Mae Repeat Breeding
  51. FC Driver x NFC Mickey daughter
  52. (MD) Fox Red Puppies MH x SH
  53. (TN) Percy NDL QAA x Scout QAA (Both have All Age Placements)
  54. FC AFC Waluke Stryder x Razor's 2nd Chance
  55. (TN) FC Gemstoneís Skyy Blue X HRCH Mailmí
  56. (TN) FC Gemstoneís Skyy Blue X HRCH Makiní Birdies Ainít Easy
  57. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Swing For The Fence X HR Ford's Cosmic Zulu Dream (FC-AFC Ford)
  58. (MS) NAFC FC AFC Coolwaters Hawkeye Legend x Moonstones Cool Beans MH
  59. (SD) Beautiful Choc Litter sired by 4X GMPR MH
  60. (OH) FC-AFC Choco Lickity-Split x GRHRCH-UH Smoke and Fire in the Sky MH
  61. FC Gemstone’s Skyy Blue X HRCH Tuscumbia River Cruise Control MH
  62. (IA/NE) Ď00 NFC FC AFC PRIZE x PEPPER (1st Pick BLM Available)
  63. (IA/NE) GRHRCH MH MNR DIESEL x VYPER (2 Beautiful CLMís Available Now)
  64. FC AFC Dare to Dream (Blk yellow factored) BLM
  65. (ut) fc afc aran island’s dougan x stormy rivers texas teika jh
  66. NY Ace's Wild Marsh Buddy QAA MH x Peaks Lil' Splash of Baby Blue at Larke QAA SH
  67. (IL) FC HRCH Buddy MH x CPR Mia Chocolate Pups
  68. (LA) FC AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger X High Cotton's Love Potion Number 9 MH
  69. Check out this pedigree!!!
  70. FC Gemstone's Skyy Blue x QA2 Jesse James' Kissin' Cousin (cosmo bitch)
  71. (sc) grhrch (5x) blue hof x shr daphne jh