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  6. (WI) FC HRCH Watermarks Texas Welcome MH x Twin Willows Lil Miss Zoey SH, QAA
  7. (MD) Daddy's Wingman CGC JH (YW) xParadise Alley's Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie JH (BK)
  8. (MI) FCAFC Smoky Mountain's Midnight Rider QA2 x MillPond's Lexington River Ranger SH
  9. (Tn) FC AFC Ali x Edith Qaa (FC AFC Snapper Daughter)
  10. (TN) Jack QA2 (9 Open Points) x Nellie QA2 (Am Win)
  11. (WA) Two chocolate male pups ready to start training!
  12. (TX) FC AFC Snapper x Birdee MH
  13. (GA) NFC FC AFC Foxx x HRCH River MH QAA
  14. (MS) FC Gemstone's Skyy Blue X HRCH UH Tuscumbia River Cruise Control MH
  15. (NC) Mill Pond's Code Name Rawhide MH x Duck Dog Fears No Evil MH
  16. (IA/NE) FC AFC Snapper x Polly (YLW/FOX RED)
  17. (WA) FC Gamble ('19 NFC Finalist) x Harper SH (w/MH passes)
  18. Fc afc cafc money talks ii x straght shots fortune teller mh
  19. (IL) Yellow Hunt Test/Gun Dog Litter
  20. (IA)FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x NAFC/FC Grady Daughter
  21. (OH) GRHRCH Dreammeyer Big Brown Bear MH x Cranberry's Buckeye Sugar Bowl
  22. (AR) FC AFC Raft Creek Road Grader x FC/AFC Slider Daughter
  23. (IA) FC AFC "Crash" X MHR "Keeva"
  24. “Beau” QA2 x HRCH “Macy” SH
  25. FC AFC Ike x FTCH Sara - exceptional lineage . Black lab puppies available
  26. (WI) Excellent FT/HT bloodlines BLACKS & YELLOWS whelped 2/10
  27. (ID) Duckbuster's Hooked on Quack x Palisade's Fear the Beard MH QAA
  28. (WY) FC Floyd x Holly CD SH OJP OAJ CGC (Cosmo daughter) blacks and yellows
  29. ( NC ) GRHRCH(3)Annie’s Searchin for the Prize MH29 x Bo’s Honey 2 Bee MH
  30. (WA) FC Tiger Mtn's Bettin' on Black (Nat Finalist) x FC-AFC Ryder female
  31. MI. Riparian Ghostrider QA2 X Ever-Ready's Lots O' Bottom MH QAA (Fox Red breeding)
  32. (IA) Chocolate Puppies Due 3/25 - MH Sire
  33. (KS) HR Grace SH (NFC x MH) X Miles QA2 (NFC,MH x HRCH,MH)
  34. NY Shooter MH QA2 x Tide JH black pups born 2/11/20
  35. (MN) Repeat fox red/yellow breeding! Nick QA2 X Remi MH
  36. Fc afc cafc copper x gypsy mh
  37. (KS) FC AFC Mickey x Mully QAA (NFC FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie)
  38. (TX) Tuco MH QAA X Shady All Black Litter
  39. (NY). FC Ike x Neena MH QA2
  40. (LA) 4X GRHRCH SRSC Tiger's Come On Homeboy MH X HRCH Roux's Majik Ryder Fowl Play
  41. (MS) FC AFC Raft Creek Road Grader x HRCH Bayou Teche Sunrise Sadie SH
  42. IL HRCH UH x HR British litter
  43. (ut) 4xgmpr rio mh (fox red) x cpr annie mh
  44. (TX) FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x Babe (Amateur Win & Derby points)
  45. (ID) Black male SH X SH breeding. Rebel and Ali lines.
  46. (MS) NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo x Biggs MH (CHLT Factored)
  47. (MS) HRCH Coolwaters Leroy Brown QAA MH MNH x SHR Black Magic Potion
  48. (SD) FC AFC Snapper x B Bumble daughter (yellow litter)