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  6. (TX) FC-AFC Fly Me To The Moon x She's Dancing On The Midway MH32
  7. (NC) FC AFC Bo Whoop (NAFC FC Tubbs son) x Patty (NAFC Tubbs granddaughter)
  8. (NC) FC AFC Bo Whoop (NAFC FC Tubbs son) x Pinny JH (NFC Mickey daughter) chocolates
  9. (IA) FC AFC Hockley Creek’s Switch Hitter (Mickey) X QA2 bitch
  10. (LA) FC AFC Mickey and HRCH Pepper. due 08/25/2020
  11. (OH) FC AFC Flawless Execution – FLEX x Meglyn’s Lil Miss Sureshot SH CGC (Annie)
  12. AFC Hockley Creeks Southpaw x HRCH Avery MH15 QAA, BLF Available
  13. NAFC FC AFC Coolwaters Legend x HRCH Rebel Maya MH (FC AFC Rebel with a Cause daughte
  14. (MS)Willie- FC AFC Raft Creek Road Grader X Ritz-Tuscumbia River’s Putting On The Rit
  15. (WI) AFC Drakes Bay's Home Run Hitter X Boo’s Whole Lotta Rosie (Daughter of ’10 NFC-
  16. (OK) NAFC FC AFC Steadfast's Bachelor Special x Hardscrabbles Controlled Chaos MH
  17. (CA) FC AFC Buster Posey x Marshlust's Whippin Willow MH
  18. (VA) GRHRCH(3) Annie’s Searchin For The Prize MH 34 X Tess the Little Hot Mess JH
  19. (TN) Troublesome Fowl Pursuits NDL QAA X FC “Hex” sister
  20. NAFC-FC Coolwater’s Hawkeye Legend x Coolwater’s Seaside Surprise
  21. FC AFC Suncrest Wild Oats x Long Spur's TNT Iron Annie "Oakley" MH
  22. (LA) FC AFC Mickey and HRCH Pepper Update
  23. (CA) FC Trulines Just Floyd X Workings Gone Cruising QA2
  24. FC AFC CFC CAFC Chase X Drake's Bay Under Harvest Moon Ere Winter's Coming
  25. GRHRCH Docheno's Conecuh River Man MH MNH QA2 NDL HRCH Hardy Lakes Jumping Marley MH
  26. (SD) HRCH UH Wally (500 pts club) x HRCH Nene (3 master passes) - blacks and yellows
  27. (KY) 3xGRHRCH Darby MH x GRHRCH UH Nelli MH Chocolate Litter!!
  28. (TN) FC AFC Low tides Pounder "LB" x Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH "Dyna"