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  1. (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)
  2. (TX) Emmitt frozen semem in texas
  3. 4xGMPR Bo Knows High Caliber MH
  4. Golden Retriever Topbrass One More Trip to Birdland SH at stud!
  5. (OR-GR) Windy Ridge Call of Dooley JH
  6. (CO) CPR MH Yellow Male
  7. (WI) BLM at Stud
  8. (MO) GRHRCH Trenton TN Prince Charles MH
  9. (SD) Chocolate GMPR, Third Generation GMPR at Stud in South Dakota
  10. (NC) HRCH Espirit's Landshark MH QAA
  11. (IL) HR Boykin Spaniel at Stud
  12. (TX) FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise (TX) LR Black
  13. (OH) GRHRCH UH Blackpowder's Blazing Red Flame MH QAA
  14. (AZ) Golden Retriever MHR Rangers Red Desert Banger MH WCX**
  15. (MN) Granite Ledge's Moonstone Champp MH
  16. (MN) Granite Ledge's Runnin" Wild MH Chocolate
  17. (CA) Fc Afc Tealcreek Patton's Saber
  18. MN QAA Black Lab (FC AFC Skybusters Rapid Fire"Ruger"
  19. (WI) 96 NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star - frozen semen
  20. (KS) HRCH UH- TTF Apache's Lil Triton Magnea - MH British Black Lab
  21. (TN) Troublesome Midnite Toker, MH QAA
  22. (WI) UH HR Candlewood's Triple Deke Rosen - BLM w/yellow
  23. FC AFC Bayou Teche Eye on the Ball "SLIDER"
  24. At Stud : FC Ledyno's I Wanna Be A Lucky Star "Eddie" National Open Stud
  25. (TN) “Alf” Yellow Male MH QAA @ Stud
  26. (ID) Gypsy Oak's White Knight MH BLM yellow factored
  27. MS FTCH Copperbirch Lifey "Ross" LR
  28. (VA) HRCH BOK Risky Business MH CD RA - True Fox Red Stud
  29. HRCH BLM - Phenomenal Pedigree
  30. (VA) QAA, Black Lab Male
  31. (IA) SH Chocolate out of FCAFC x QAA
  32. HR "Texas Trace Hank Huckaby" SHR Boykin Spaniel at Stud (TX)
  33. (SD) LR Magic Trick's Otis QAA (Yellow)
  34. (MN) High Voltage Rough Rider SH (All Clearances - throws chocolate)
  35. NFC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior x NFC AFC Candlewoods Something Royal (QAA BLM)
  36. (OR) Chesapeake Bay Retriever DM, EIC Clear At Stud
  37. At Stud HRCH Lockhavens Johnny B Good 3-yr old Chocolate Lab
  38. HRCH UH MH CGC Chocolate Lab at Stud
  39. (MN) Golden Retriever Topbrass One More Trip to Birdland MH at Stud
  40. (NC) CBR Rippling Waters Choot'em Up Landrey
  41. (MN) Golden Retriever--Topbrass Forman Bound and Thunderstruck***JH
  42. (MN) Golden Retriever--Thunderstruck Like None Otter***MH WCX
  43. (TX) Black Lab AKC Senior Hunter - Fort Worth, TX
  44. (AL) HRCH Chocolate Male SH (EIC/CNM clear)
  45. (NY) - HR Tallmadges Spirit of Light SH - Yellow
  46. (AR) - "HRCH Breeze Hill's Dude" for Stud
  47. (NY) (GA) FC AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten MH QA2 WCX
  48. (MA/SC/NY) FC Swift River's No Problems
  49. (NE) HRCH Sundog's Arctic Timber MH QAA Yellow Stud
  50. (OK) CBR; CH Chisholm Trail's Backdraft Bay MH**
  51. (KS) lm afc bart's pequeno negro cosmo
  52. (GA) HRCH MH QAA Chocolate Lab Male - Son of Dakota Cajun Roux - At Stud
  53. (MN) QAA Chocolate Available for Stud
  54. (Ga) HRCH Boykin Spaniel for Stud
  55. (NC) HRCH John's Five Star Deuceman
  56. (NH) Fox Red Lab available stud R&L'S POW'S DAKOTA SH
  58. (MN) (GA) Fc yellow lab stud service
  59. (Il) Yellow Lab available for Stud
  60. (CA) MH BLM. Black, Chocolate factored. Great looking Boy
  61. (CA) MH, MNR, Chocolate Lab stud
  62. (CA) SH, Int CH Yellow Lab Stud
  63. (MN)(MO) Fox Red Lab at Stud $650
  64. (MS) HRCH Triple T's Walk the Line CHOC. Stud
  65. (CA) yellow lab male
  66. (TX) (PA) B2R Right Turn Clyde MH QA2
  67. (TN) Clear Cosmo Son at Stud in Tennessee
  68. (MN) FC AFC Jazztime Northern Exposure (Arctic)
  69. (PA) Saabi Sils Something Wicked MH
  70. (AL) HRCH, Derby List, QAA Black male for stud
  71. (OH) (GR) CH OTCH Morgen's Lil'Bit of Skyefire UDX OM2 TD MH VCX DDHF OBHF
  72. (OK) QAA Chocolate with Amateur Win, Bayou Magic's Rouxster Bleu
  73. (NE) HRCH Hank's Settin' The Marsh On Fire
  74. (NY) Golden Retriever AKC OFA Proven Stud Rochester Ny
  75. (TX) Jammin' to the Good Times MH
  76. (TX) QAA MH Black Jazztime Chance's Son
  77. (MN) Old Oak's Kid Dynamite Dave MH Yellow British LR
  78. (WA) Marauders Top Flight MH QAA
  79. (ND) Lone Willow's Ruff and Ready QAA
  80. (IA) Elite Yellow Lab at Stud
  81. (AL) Chocolate Labrador Working Conformation
  82. (MS) Int. FTCH Apache Joe
  83. (MN) FC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime Cut To The Chase (Chase)
  84. (MS) Fox Red Lab for Stud
  85. (AL) QAA chocolate at stud
  86. (CAN) Golden Retriever FTCH AFTCH Bulrush Yellow Bud
  87. (TN) YLM Wetland Retrievers Razz
  88. (IA) Chocolate Master Hunter at stud
  89. (NY) Wanted - FC/AFC stud with NO Lean Mac & EIC/CNM clear
  90. (CO) Chocolate Stud in Colorado
  91. (UT) Wanted- Dark Golden Ichy Clear Stud
  92. (TX) Pirate son ( Throws Chocolate!!)
  93. (WA) Introducing GMHR The Sagacious Ground Force QFTR MH
  94. (NE) HRCH Lincoln Creek's Marking Maverick SH (Chocolate Stud)
  95. (TX) NFC NAFC Super Tanker son, frozen semen
  96. Duplicate ads have been combined
  97. (MN) Three MH, GMPR Studs, All Health Clearances Done
  98. (TX) Son of Lean Mac x full sister to Lottie, frozen available
  99. (MN) Oakponds Turbocharger MH CBR
  100. (WI) QAA Landrys Thunder And Glory (Yellow At Stud)
  101. chocolate studs or studs that throw chocolate
  102. (MO) St Charles MO, blk lab for stud
  103. (MN) Rocky's Red Hot Shot MH QAA (Chocolate)
  104. (VA) (USA) AFC The Sunday Swimmer (Golden Retriever)
  105. (PA)(TX) HR, MH, WCX, CCA Golden Retriever Diverse performance pedigree
  106. (KS) Zeus's Big Thunder Thor SH Yellow Lab Stud
  107. FC AFC The Bear XVII
  108. (TX)HRCH Drake's Rolling Thunder MH QA2 (LR)
  109. (NY) Fox Red at Stud
  110. ( LA ) HRCH Patton's RANGER Roxx The Way MH
  111. (MS) Lean Mac son for stud
  112. (NE) HRCH/SH Grady Son
  113. GMHRCH The Sagacious Wild Thing QAA MH
  114. (PA/GA) FC Low Tide's Pounder
  115. (TN) For Stud HRCH Will E B Ready 4 Dawn (Willie)
  116. SRS GRHRCH Punch's Click Click Boom MNR MH
  117. (LA) FC Bayou Teche Clouseau
  118. (ID) Cottonwoods Magic Stick MH
  119. (AR) Boykin Spaniel Stud "GPR's Sherriff of Hazzard Co."
  120. (TX) clear yellow son of cosmo
  121. (OR) LR Open All Age Qual, ENEABBA Master Hunter
  122. HRCH MH - Black (Chocolate Factored) - NFC Son
  123. (MS) FC Moodys Nitz "Smitty"
  124. Running Against Hallgren Time- EARLY (Blk)
  125. Tx. Choc. Stud HRCH HARLEY
  126. (TX) Black Devil's Ace in the Hole MH MNH
  127. FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Baydog Of Allanport
  128. (WI) Ylw Male at Stud: THE BLAST's King Of The Ring MH (FC AFC "Pow" x Winnie MH)
  129. TX: Chocolate MH HRCH
  130. Yellow Stud Available
  131. Chessie Stud Available
  132. (MN) Three Rivers All Out Blitz QA2 Yellow Stud
  133. HRCH UH Modaka's Sleeping on The Couch Kenny
  134. Chocolate Stud Dog HRCH JH
  135. Chocolate Stud - Virginia
  136. Black FC/AFC Around South Dakota
  137. AKC Black Lab Male to Stud
  138. MN Golden Retriever Master Hunter Stud
  139. Chocolate or throws Chocolate Lab Stud Wanted TN
  140. KY-LR-Chocolate Stud
  141. (AR)HRCH Breeze Hill's Blazin' Blue Roux "Case" Chocolate Stud - LR
  142. AFC Chocolate Labrador for Stud (CA) (OR) and (MT)
  143. Arnold's Burly Skid Mark QA2 Chocolate Lab for Stud (CA), (OR), (MT)
  144. (MO) Aero semen for sale
  145. at stud: 100% health cleared fox red FC Money Talks II Master Hunter son
  146. GA. Red Squad's Fifty Caliber QA2 NAFC Grady son at stud
  147. (ND) GMPR TRL's All Tuckered Out, JH, Choclate Stud-LR
  148. Mallard Brake on the Rox QA MH
  149. (CO) Chocolate Labrador Retriever Stud (Colorado)
  150. (TX) HRCH,MH,QAA EIC Clear "Cosmo" son
  151. (NC) MPR MH Yellow Labrador Retriever
  152. (TX) Cimarocs Abe QA2
  153. (TX) Yellow MH at 2 years old!
  154. (CA) Black Labrador Retriever Stud
  155. (NC) MH Black Labrador Retriever Rambo Tri-factored EIC Clear OFA Excellent
  156. (OK) 3xGMPR HRCH UH Stoney MH Yellow Male
  157. (IN) HR Yellow Stud Available. Great Pedigree!
  158. (AL)HRCH Black Dudes Knuck if you Buck
  159. HRCH Chocolate Lab for Stud
  160. (NJ) Chocolate Lab For Stud
  161. (SC) Labrador Retriever for Stud - OTCh, MH, QA2
  162. (SD) HRCH T&G Midnight Assasin (5 Passes in Master Hunter & Son of Aces High III)
  163. (GA) Black Lab MH stud
  164. (NE) Golden Retriever MHR Ranger's Red Desert Banger MH** WCX
  165. WI. Drake's Bay Home Run Hitter QA2 Yellow Male
  166. (ID) LR yellow. Top Guns Heart of A Lion MH QAA (FC AFC Rebel With A Cause son)
  167. Boykin Spaniel for Stud AKC Junior Hunter Titled
  168. (IL) Tri Factored Black Male MH at Stud
  169. Pa akc & aca reg yellow male stud
  170. (TX) (CBR) HRCH Platte River's Decoy Dancer MH
  171. Black or yellow female to breed
  172. (IL) Chespaeake Bay Retriever Stud
  173. (CO) CPR MH EIC-CNM Clear Yellow Ford Son
  174. (LA) GRHRCH Tiger's Come on Homeboy MH (FC AFC Tiger McBunn son)
  175. (MN) MH Chocolate Lab for Stud -EIC/CNM clear
  176. (NE) Golden Retriever MHR Ranger's Red Desert Banger MH** WCXert Banger MH** WCX
  177. (IL) CBR GRHRCH UH "Sniper" MH**
  178. (NY) GMHR MHR WR I TTF CAS-HI Shady Character (fox red)
  179. (ON and AL) Duxbac Double Expresso -chocolate stud
  180. (KS) MNH-MH-QAA Black LR Stud - Will pay for costs - Loaded & Interesting Pedigree
  181. (TX) FC AFC Candlewoods HiRoller RealDeal (Lean Mac x FC AFC Candlewoods Rita Reynold
  182. (TX) Yellow MH Passed 2016 Master National EIC/CNM Clear
  183. Fox Red Stud: BDC Upland World Champion THE BLAST's Red Path MH "Journey"
  184. Chocolate MH Stud
  185. (mo) Simms Mountain Cool Hand Duce SH MH
  186. **** HR SPARTACUS Rome Monti Fields JH Boykin Spaniel for STUD ****
  187. (AL) yellow QAA male
  188. (TN) MH QAA Chocolate factored Black
  189. (CA) Looking for Sire
  190. (NC) (LR) Black (chocolate-factored) QAA (EIC & CNM Clear, Hips Excellent)
  191. (GA) (LR) FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Chase Excellent hips, Beautiful Pedigree, Yellow factored
  192. Male for breeding
  193. (SD) (LR) Black carrying yellow HRCH UH (GRHRCH UH x HRCH UH MH)
  194. (WI) At Stud: Ylw MH (FCAFC Pow x MH Winnie)
  195. Fox Red Stud: Upland World Champion/AKC MH "Journey" (FC AFC Snapper x Temper MH)
  196. Looking for the right stud
  197. (mo) Simms Mountain Cool Hand Duce SH MH
  198. CA Stud, derby list, QA2, MH
  199. (TX) LR- HRCH Otis
  201. (NJ) Chocolate Lab For Stud
  202. (Pa) yellow male
  203. Chocolate and Chocolate factored studs
  204. Looking for British Lab Stud
  205. GRHRCH Docheno's Conecuh River Man MH QA2 NDL
  206. (WI) ESS Stud Dog
  207. (SD) Yellow Male - Phenomenal FT cross with HT pedigree!!
  208. (WI) Dark Yellow QA2 stud.
  209. FC-AFC Knockout Punch
  210. (LA) GRHRCH Shaq's Hard To Handle QA2 (FC AFC "Shaq" x CFC Baypoints My Girl)
  211. Chocolate FC AFC Barracuda Blue Son
  212. (MN) Golden Retriever Stud - "T-Rex"
  213. (PA) Golden Retriever Stud SH MX AXJ WCX CCA VC
  214. (GA/MO) Black Lab HRCH/MH
  215. (IL) HRCH Infield Fly Rule Batter's Out MH QAA (Son of FC AFC "Slider")
  216. (IL) Black yellow factored MH QAA
  217. (NE) GRHRCH MH Chocolate Stud
  218. (MN) FOX RED STUD: HRCH Hunting Memories, MH
  219. (?) Yellow or yellow factored eic clear stud
  220. (ND/MN) CFC CAFC HRCH Hank's Settin' The Marsh On Fire QA2
  221. (WI) Yellow HRCH MH QA2 (Grady x Roxie)
  222. (IL) Yellow Lab Stud
  223. (MN) Golden Retriever Stud Floden's Scout of Honor - fresh chilled available
  224. (?) GRHRCH David's Deuce of Dux MH
  225. (WI) QA2 Yellow (NAFC Grady x NFC Flipper)
  226. BLM stud dog wanted
  227. (MN) Birddog's Wetland Raider MH - Fox Red Stud (Grady X MH Cosmo daughter)
  228. (MN) Birddog's Way-Da-Go Yogi MH - Chocolate Stud
  229. (WI) Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2-yellow
  230. (WI) Rainmaker's Working Class Payday, MH/QAA black choc factor
  231. (VA) QAA Son of GCH Poplar Forest Play it Again Sam MH at Stud
  232. (IL) NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse son
  233. (LR, NE) FC AFC Steadfast's Bachelor Special "Croc"
  234. (WI) QA2-MH-HRCH Yellow (NAFC Grady x NAFC Roxie)
  235. (LA) FC Dust Devil's Last Spark looking for a QAA Creek Robber bitch
  237. WA - NMH GMHR The Sagacious Ground Force
  238. (CA) GMHR HRCH Applewoods Just a Lil too Much MH
  239. (NC) Titled Yellow Stud Wanted
  240. (MT) FC AFC Moonstones Sea Biscuit Run Frozen Semen Available!!
  241. (MO) Wanted- Golden male stud in Midwest
  242. (VA) SRS HRCH Storm Flag Flyin MH17-MNH QAA (NAFC FC AFC X FC AFC)
  243. (AR) HRCH QA2 Black ~ Choc Factored Stud (NAFC FC Grady x FTCH Frenchy Qaa)
  244. (AL) At stud
  245. (Canada) Black Labrador, Yellow Factored
  246. (AL) FC GRHRCH Franchises Performance Enhancing Drug
  247. (WI) AFC Drakes Bay Home Run Hitter
  248. (VA) 08 nfc two rivers lucky willie
  249. (IA) Yellow CPR MH EIC/CNM Clear (Ford Son X Soupy MH Daughter)
  250. Yellow stud SH QAA