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: Judging Cast and Whistle Refusals

05-12-2020, 12:48 PM
What is your philosophy on judging cast and whistle refusals?
Are they judged with equal weight,
for example
A) Poor Initial Line (a type if cast refusal)
B) Whistle refusal before entering water
C) Cast refusal in middle of blind fading with wind (scallop)
D) Cast refusal in middle of blind rolling around a point
E) Autocast after treading water
F) Whistle refusal at end of blind when dog smells bird and ignores sit whistle and picks up bird.

For example you and your co-judge both note A,C,F for Dog1, B,D,E for Dog 2
should they get similar scores for their water blind?

05-12-2020, 02:48 PM
On my paper CR & WR; repeated evidence score goes down; You see ~3-5 in succession with no improvement and page is folded. Doesn't make a difference when-where they are done while running the blind (Refusal is a refusal). I don't really judge the initial line, because if the handler/dog team messes that up overly badly; the handler has already dug himself into a hole, he might not get out of. It's usually big work to get the dog back on line; or in the corridor to challenge the blind. You will see most often end-up seeing other refusals, or no improvement. Handler doesn't challenge blind, page is folded.