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RetrieverTraining.Net - the RTF FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Glossary of Terms

Are you looking for a glossary of terms to understand retriever lingo and terminology? Please check out the "G.O.T" Glossary of terms, aka G.O.T.

I tried to search for something. Nothing came up for me. What do I do?

A search for one three letter keyword will produce no results. (EIC as a three character search will not give results) Please try the example I listed above to see if the forum works for you. For topics around EIC, try this. It will produce lots of results: 1) click search 2) click advanced search 3) in the keywords field type: a) "eic clear" (with quotation marks) b) eic clear (two words without quotation marks) c) a) or b) above but with "carrier" or "affected" You will get plenty of hits this way. Please check it out.

How do I find what I want in the search?

Search Function Excercise: (Search for Meet Joe Black) Please try this. I bet you find "Meet Joe Black" popping up in lots of threads. 1) click "search" 2) drop down and click "advanced search" 3) in the keyword field, type this phrase with the quotation marks around it: "Meet Joe Black" 4) click the "search now" button. What came up? Lots of threads, right? You need to click "advanced search" to type your keywords in. If you put quotation marks around multiple words, it will look for that exact combination. If you put meet joe black with no quotes, you will get results for threads with any one of the keywords, but not necessarily the whole combination. **********************************

I just registered but I can't log in. What is wrong?

New registrants must use a valid email address at registration. After the registration is submitted, an activation email is sent to the new registrant. So please be sure to type your email exactly correctly. If you did not get your activation email, it is probably in your "junk" or "spam" folder. Please go check that. If you still can not post, please click the 'contact us" link at the bottom of the RTF page and submit your concern.

I tried to reply to a classified ad. I got a message that I can't. Am I in trouble?

No! You are not in trouble. Nearly all classified ad sections are non-repliable and non-bumpable. This was needed for two reasons: One, some folks were unnecessarily bumping ads just to keep them at the top, posting things like: "Hey, that's a nice litter! Can you post pics?" "Sure, here they are!" "Wow, I like the chocolate one..." etc, etc. This practice was bumping these ads to the top of the forum and penalizing those who tried to abide by the rules. So we had to make them non-repliable, non-bumpable. Note, if you have a classified ad, you can edit your ad as frequently as you like. Please read the guidelines at the top of each classified section to insure that your ad is within compliance with the guidelines. Thanks!

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