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  1. (AR) 1 y/o Started BLM (HRCH MH QA2 x HRCH)

    (AR) Black male with a great pedigree. He just turned a year old last week. He was a pup that I sold and then bought him back a few months ago because they made him gun shy and didn't want him...
  2. ISO - 12+ Hole Trailer with Rear ATV Pad

    (AR) In the market for a 12+ Hole Trailer with a Rear Load ATV pad. Ainley, Deerskin, or MTCK only. Bumper pull preferably, but will consider gooseneck as well. I've priced them and I'm getting ready...
  3. (AR) HRCH MH QA2 Black ~ Choc Factored Stud (NAFC FC Grady x FTCH Frenchy Qaa)

    (AR) HRCH Prairie Peak Road Greater MH QA2 (Carries Chocolate). Greater is the son of NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade and FTCH Baypoints Ms Frenchy QAA. This is a unique pedigree for the Chocolate...
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