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Thread: Retriever Fever Training CD's

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    Yeah he is no Mike Lardy or Rick Stawski that's for sure. I was just curious of his method in collar conditioning.

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    I have the puppy and Gun Dog DVD. They aren't an expensive DVD set and I enjoyed his enthusiasm and how he handled his dogs. You'll notice that he uses a LOT of dogs here to show you the different levels. You'll see a lot of other trainer DVDs that use a single dog for everything, which to me isn't helpful because it doesn't show a "normal" reaction to the training. He should have corrected some of the bigger things, but you have to remember that your dog will make mistakes and so will YOU! Take a long-lasting perspective on training. Mistakes happen, but be consistant over the longrun.

    That being said, Shawn doesn't go too in depth. I don't think that's the point of his stuff really. He's trying to teach concepts to you as the Trainer of your dog. I think they are as follows:
    1) Build the Desire to Please
    2) Build the Desire to Retrieve
    3) Build your Dog's Confidence

    I haven't watched them in over about year, so I can't recall 100%, but it's worth taking a look at if you have a buddy who has them. I'm picking up my newest Legacy Team member this weekend, so really it wouldn't hurt me to watch them again. Besides, watching dogs is just fun.

    Lastly, Mike Lardy's program is very good, and the Tri-Tronics book is worth taking a look into as well. You can pick the book up for under $30.

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    I tell friends that are first time retriever owners to watch the Retriever Fever series to learn all the basic lingo, then watch the Lardy tapes to see it taken to the next level. If you are new to the sport, the Lardy tapes are way over your head. I think the Retriever Fever Series presents all the concepts in a very basic, easy to understand manner. Basically, if you want to take your dog to the Senior level, watch RF. Then switch to Lardy to see how the all age dogs are trained.

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    I watched the RF DVD set last weekend at a friends house. He has good enthusiasm but i feel there is a lack of showing. I don't know. I think the Fowl Dawgs series is a lot better. Its explained in detail but then again Rick has a very cut/dry presentation while I will admit Shawn keeps the watcher's attention.

    Lardy is just real advanced. From his theories to his lingo. So Lardy stuff goes over a lot of amateurs heads. I wish he would do some new videos but maybe nothing has really changed with his techniques.

    Dan Farmer/Judy A have a DVD for beginners that was pretty well laid out as well. More recent also.

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