Post pics of your Kennels in bed of truck with a cap.
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Thread: Post pics of your Kennels in bed of truck with a cap.

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    Senior Member j towne's Avatar
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    Default Post pics of your Kennels in bed of truck with a cap.

    I am thinking of selling my truck with a topper and getting a truck with a cap and putting kennels on a drawer system. Feel free to post some pictures of your set up do I can get some ideas.
    Something like this.
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    Based on your above photo that system should work very well. I made my plywood shelf and w/wheel tub support/front bed corner legs and placed my crates in the same photo fashion. I have done this w/2 six foot beds and two eight foot beds ( 4 different trucks). I use under bed plastic containers w/wheels and I have a pull hook to bring them out. Cheap/effective storage. I have only the curbside topper door to flip open (enforced safety) on a ARE lid. Twenty years using this system.

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    Default me!I got just what you need.Jim
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    Senior Member Erik Nilsson's Avatar
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    I do this, post 13, Have two wire crates on top of the platform with room to go on both sides.

    I could put a drawer system in but I like to place all my hunting blinds or A Frame under the platform, then the rest is for dekes or whatever..
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    Platform on a slide out bed. Can't seem to get picture uploaded right side up!
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    Senior Member Pam Spears's Avatar
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    Don't have a picture, but we had an ARE topper on our truck with lift-up windows on both sides. Wooden platform like everyone else uses, with Zinger metal crates on top: 3 large crates opened sideways as in the picture you posted. Wheeled plastic under-bed storage bin under the platform on one side with all the "stuff" we need, wingers, shotguns, and holding blinds on the other side. Crate fans for hot weather, and found a water jug that fit between the platform and the side of the bed. We had a hard time keeping the dogs cool on 90+ degree days, though. Bought an aluminet shade tarp and clipped it to the topper's pop up windows, suspended over the topper to provide some shade. Felt and looked like gypsies pitching tents wherever we went, but it helped. Could't stand it and bought a Deerskin 3 hole setup with full length drawers and pressurized water tank: much happier with it. Have the topper and Zinger crates for sale if you're interested, LOL.
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    Senior Member John Lash's Avatar
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    The drawer units for the platform are the way to go for what I do. Clean dry lockable storage. The price on the Ainley drawers is reasonable. You can use them a long time then resell them easily if you don't need them anymore. There is usually a wait to get them though.

    The wooden platforms do the same thing as the drawers. Depending on what you carry under there the open wooden platform may be the way to go.
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    Take a look at the LEER products. The pull down top storage is way cool.
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