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I wouldn't ever consider voting for her but, when she says that there is a right wing agenda against her, she's 100% correct and one would have to be delusional not to see it.

Since she's been the clear front runner and the heir apparent for 16 nomination, Fox news et al have been after her.

Btw, fox news is doing us no favors either. Every idiot that has ever registered as a Republican that decides to declare for president doesn't need or deserve airtime.
We don't even need a right-wing agenda. Hillary incriminates herself.

This goes back to 2011 ... sort of resonates with the declaration Obama made in the UN ...
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put her willingness to defend the Constitution in serious doubt when she promised Islamic countries the United States government would intimidate Americans who violate their free speech code, national security expert Stephen Coughlin told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

As Secretary of State, Clinton promised an international Islamic organization in 2011 that the United States government would “use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming” to intimidate Americans who improperly criticize Islam or Muhammad.

“An official of the United States, in an official communiqué, went to a foreign land to commit to a foreign leader that the United States Government would engage in the extra-legal practice of intimidating American citizens in the exercise of what is otherwise their protected free speech rights under the First Amendment,” Coughlin told TheDCNF.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/18/na...#ixzz3gMyvqcOa