I tend to agree with Bon's insight.

Since most people agree that people with mental illness should be a "red flag" for gun ownership, it is easy to make the case that many SS recipients, due to the aging process, are likely to be mentally incompetent. Obviously, they should not own guns?

However, most of those SS recipients who are mentally incompetent are probably already confined to nursing homes. If those people still have residences (like spouse who still lives in the family home), will the govt get a search warrant for that patient's home? How could that be justified if the patient is confined somewhere else? But that may not stop the govt from establishing a blanket policy for doing this. They have already given themselves the ability to collect everyone's phone and internet activity without cause.

So, if you're old, you may be more likely to be mentally compromised. If you've had a serious life crisis (divorce, death of child, a previous addiction), any of these could make a case for "possibly" being mentally compromised, and being "at risk" if you own a gun?

If you watched Napolitano's op-ed, one of the things he mentioned is SCOTUS today relying more on precedents than on the Constitution, itself. For God's sake, that is like giving a SCOTUS panel the equivalent of papal infallability!