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Thread: Gun control

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    Default Gun control

    Interesting. Yes, I can see why there might be a higher proportion of seniors who are affected with mental incompetency ... Alzheimers, of course, being one reason.

    The estimated number impacted is given as 4.2 million.

    Overall, though, not sure that it's going to make a big difference in the big picture of things. How many gun crimes are committed now by senior citizens who might have impaired competency? Many Alzheimer's patients are likely to be institutionalized. If impaired seniors are not in institutions, I don't think it's likely that family give them access to guns or other weapons.

    What it does begin to show, though, is how many ways the govt can know about our private lives.

    There was a piece I read yesterday about how the move to further integrate suburbs would be able to gather racial demographic information from a variety of sources from bank loan information, credit card info, Obamacare info, school district info, and from a bunch of other govt agencies that collect varied data. Not using the census to a large degress because census information is too dated (every 10 years).

    Does it strike anyone else as strange that the govt can collect/coordinate all this kind of info on 300 million people, but they can't keep track of illegal alien criminals, or jihadists who should be on no-fly lists, or doctors who get millions in fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare funds, or sending millions of EICs to the same address? (not to mention getting back those 3-year green cards they "accidentally" issued to DREAMERs or keep track of IRS or State Dept. emails). Guess it must have to do with priorities?

    Since all this data collection has been put in place over many years, this should be a bi-partisan concern.
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    I think the Oduma$$ regime is using this new proposed rule as a chance to steel guns and keep them from getting passed down from parents to children. If they take the guns before the parents die there is less chance the guns become untraceable. They really want to be able to track every gun on US soil. A lot of the weapons owned by the older folks are WWII, Korea War and Vietnam era pistols and hunting rifles. I don't see what the big hop la is with this regime over these types of weapons.
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    I'm interested to know how the feds even know what seniors own what guns. Most of those guns were likely owned before there was a background investigation system in place. And when the legislation and subsequent funding was appropriated to build and maintain that NCIS background check system it was made illegal for the feds to create a national firearms registery. Their, assuming BATF, identification of firearms owners would be an admission they broke the law. The form 4473 that local FFL's have you fill out are maintained by the FFL's and are not to be given to BATF or other LE except in the case of investigating a crime i.e. tracing a firearm purchase.

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