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Thread: Banded acquires Avery

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    At least we have the "short bus" post to take away from all this!
    The more I am around people, the more I cherish the company of dogs and cattle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseberry View Post
    my duck guns have no finish/blueing. they rust.
    my duck boat is beaten to hell, its engine has no skeg, its blind is bent but functional, its trailer has no lights.
    my stationary blinds are "weathered in" (rotting and in need of repair)
    my duck straps are stretched and strained beyond their capacity!

    when someone says, "my decoys have chipped paint!", i figure they also complain to other manufacturers for making their condoms too large!
    haha I can't stop laughing. You win the Internet!

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    I hunted many a day in my buddy's boat with an Avery blind and its held up well, love the bumpers they make, as for decoys, yes the paint chips some, touch em up or pay double the price for those made in OK that don't. I have an Avery Sporting dog hat that I got in a gift bag for working a hunt test and its a great hat. Nice looking and fully lined.

    So so the point is this: We all have opinions on just about everything and the anonymity of the Internet persuades some to be less civil than they might or might not be in person. If someone is rude to me, especially on more than one occasion, I will not associate with that person as I greatly value civility, courtesy and consideration. I believe those who post here and the companies like Avery have the same right to not associate with anyone they choose. We can't do that if people hide behind anonymity.

    As as for this forum: I'm green as grass when it comes to dog training. On my first dog, a Chessie, and have been training only for year. From this venue I have gleaned some very key nuggets of information that have helped me immensely. We will likely title in Senior Hunter this year and its no exaggeration that we probably could not have made it this far except for some of the info I found here.

    Chris A. Many thanks for this forum and your diligence in keeping it a valuable resource as opposed to what it could be.


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    I have handled a few Avery products over the last 25 years and spent the majority of the hot summers here with an Avery visor shielding my face on hot days.

    Can't dispute anyone else's experience, but suffice it to say I am a fan of Avery and always appreciate seeing their banners at events.

    The larger issue here (in my opinion) is maintaining the civility and common purpose all the users bring to this forum.

    I have practiced law 40-60 hours a week for the last 26 years. This site and spending time with my training friends is my safe haven - the antithesis of dealing with lawyers all day, every day.

    I support Chris and everyone else that wants to keep the conversation going and give everyone their say - as long as it remains civil...

    Thomas McGrath

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    Our club is hosting the Canadian National Master Hunt Test, and I can tell you that although we are a relatively small event in an equally small market, Avery has stepped up in a very generous way and their donation of equipment and raffle items will be crucial to the success of this event. For anyone who loves field work, please support those companies who support you.
    Originally Posted by caryalsobrook

    If ANYONE, be it an employee, employer, retired, military of government bureaucrat witnesses what they believe to be a crime, they have a responsibility to report it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    David Carrington is a class guy, Avery is a big supporter of retriever performance events, if that is not enough for you to be supportive then you should reexamine your loyalties.
    Spot on Ed.
    "Force fetch isn't about retrieving as much as it is conditioning a dog to handle pressure, in a very controlled environment. It's about putting a dog in the position of having to figure out how to turn off pressure by finding the correct response. This translates into numerous areas in training." Sharon Potter.

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    Avery Sporting Dog/David Carrington have sponsored my home club every time I asked for help.
    I have attended at least a half dozen Avery sponsored seminars.
    W/o the Avery support my home club would not be as strong as it currently is.
    Thank you Avery/David Carrington for making my dog training hobby easier for us amateurs!
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    IMO for what it's worth, Banded a newer company has come out with a lot of new products for what we do; some are good others not tested; but they are trying new products and new ideas. Avery an Older company, seems to have fallen in to the old companies approach of cut your line as much as possible and sell only the staples (tried and true) stuff; little newer stuff. and often times the older stuff is impossible to find unless you order manufacture direct, even then. Ex; I have a 7yr. Avery kennel pad that I picked up at Cabela's it has lasted well; but I can't find that pad anymore (only Mud-river pads; I've bought 2 of them they don't hold up). Now I can go online and order the Pad, pay shipping and all that, but even doing it that way it's only offered in one size, and I've down graded to smaller kennel, so it might or might not fit, which I could only find out after it's shipped. However, Now I'm seeing Banded gear showing up in stores I frequent, if they took over avery, mayhaps I'll see more of their gear in stores I frequent and not have to go about ordering stuff I can't put my hands on. Avery also has the history and good will of supporting the sport, which might aid banded in breaking into the industry. The merger might help out both companies, and most importantly make things easier for me . If it doesn't whelp leaves an opening for a another company that can do those things; got to love capitalism.
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