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Thread: Plot to stump Trump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh345 View Post
    Trump is bad for many reasons. The biggest reason is that his presence could make the unelectable Hillary suddenly electable
    Trump is an entertainer with a sense of humor. I watched his speech tonight from Iowa. He said nothing, just rambled on repeating the same bold claims. Noticed when he was talking about the National Debt, he mentioned China and Japan each holding 1.4 trillion in Debt(I haven't checked those figures yet) but said nothing about the trillions owed to Social Security. Money that was stolen from The People's forced savings account. If our leadership doesn't get a grip on spending, including military, international bankers will wind up with all of our Social Security money!
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    Corrupt regimes like Trump's don’t fight crime, they legalize it. They don’t chase the crooks, they hire them. They don’t stop lying, they tell you the truth is whatever they say it is. Honor used to mean something, as did truth and integrity. In the Trump culture, those character traits mean nothing. It is sad to see what is becoming of our country.

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