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Thread: Have you all seen this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Shively View Post
    While I can understand the 'sticker shock' I'll say this, as an owner of a GunX and one of the old Day's End pistols if I was in the market for a new primer pistol I would spend the money. I realize it's $50-60 more than the GunX used to sell for but I have pissed away $50-60 in a bar many times and had little to show for it. The GunX is a solid pistol and one I look forward to owning for years to come.
    They are very well made and if the sticker shock is a problem I completely understand. That is a lot for a "toy" gun.
    I have used old .22 revolvers for years, firing the .22 nail gun loads. The benifit of this for me is that I have a gun that I can actually use if need be. I just bought a Charter Arms .22 with a 2" barrel for $125 used.
    Of course this depends on local laws and where you train (schools, government property). There can also be a safety issue of having a live gun for firing blanks, but most of us do that anyway with shotguns.
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    Corey Burke

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    You can also machine/weld a plug for the "operative" gun barrel to make it non-functional. Next , paint, plasti-dip , coat in bright orange the entire barrel for safety/legal purposes.

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    Like everything else, made in America is a totally different quality of blank gun !
    I repair, rebuild, restore all the American made classic blank guns.
    574-242-0710 [email protected] Face Book Robin Solomon
    replacement cylinders, cyl pins, grips, sleeves, hard cases, used NEF's, H&R's, A few New In Box old Stock too!

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    Looks like it doesn't matter anyway.......

    IMPORTANT - Due to unforeseen manufacturing issues the FieldKing PRO 209 is delayed until at least the 2nd Quarter 2017. Because of said issues there is a chance that manufacturing may not take place at all. This is the manufacturers decision and completely out of the hands of Dogs Unlimited. We apologize for this issue and hope that it resolves itself in a positive way


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