looking for winger transport to Alaska
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Thread: looking for winger transport to Alaska

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    Default looking for winger transport to Alaska

    Just thought I'd throw this out. I am going to order 3 wingers and have them delivered to my dad in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon (he actually already has one that I bought from the classifieds here). I thought I would see if anyone will be driving up this spring who would be able to throw them on the truck/trailer. Otherwise I will just have him ship them up via UPS or USPS.

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    If you have to ship them, consider talking off the pulley and rubbers and just send the frame without a box. A little bubble wraps on the ends of the legs and tape to keep it fully collapsed. Then send all the hardware/rubbers on a box. Might be cheaper than trying to box them. I sent an old Strongarm back to Parrott to shorten into a smaller frame, he shipped it back to me that way not in a box.
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    Ill be driving from Arkansas to Alaska in may when I get back from my tour in korea. Ill shoot you a pm.
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