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Thread: versa launch or wingers????

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    Being able to fire multiple shots from one station is very useful when bringing a pup along. However, being able to launch birds is useful for the life of the dog. Having used both wingers and launchers quite a bit (Bumper boys and Thunders, not versa-launchers but same concept) and having spent a lot of time training alone, I say wingers if you are running 1 or 2 dogs and some kind of multiple launcher if you are running more.
    Matt McKenzie

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    I am limited on time so I use launchers during the week. If the pup looks confused on a mark I can always launch another bird. On weekends or days when time allows I use the wingers with thawed birds.

    Because I train alone I find the launchers easier and more productive.

    Just my two cents.
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    I find that for myself one winger and two double launchers work well,The winger is nice if you are training in a area where gunshots are not allowed.I think at least one winger is required for birds.

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    I almost am on the winger wagon just for the fact of using birds. Thanks for all of the replies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kona dawg View Post
    I almost am on the winger wagon just for the fact of using birds. Thanks for all of the replies
    Not sure what part of the world you are in but if you don't have a problem with fire ants or heavy winds you can salt the area of fall with dead ducks and launch the versa launcher to that point...Dogs sees a mark and returns with a bird...same results as a winger and a lot quicker for multiple dogs.
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    I'm in the same boat. I do a lot of stand alones now- even some multiple walk- backs as Dennis Voight refers to them. I am also leaning towards a couple of wingers but the Versa Launchers seem convenient. I have only one dog so part of the advantage of the launchers is lost on me.

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