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Thread: Remote launchers - What's good quality now for the amateur training alone?

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate your help.
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    One thing that can really help a dog when using remote dummy launchers, is to use zip ties and attach some duck wings to the bumper. Adds some scent and really helps the dog out when finding the mark in some cover. Nothing more frustrating that having your dog nail a key mark but miss the bumper by a foot or two and then end up in a big hunt, when you know if a bird had been throw it would have found it immediately. The wings also add weight and help slow down the speed of the bumper, a nice slow arcing throw is what you want. Do not need a long throw, just simulate a good hand throw. Keep it slow and visible, I think they have a hard time seeing fast bumpers.

    If you can get very consistent throw from you units you can always place a dead duck in the area of the fall. However, the dogs do know the difference of when a bird is thrown and a bumper. I use both Bumper Boys and Zinger Wingers. If I use bumpers too much then dogs can get a bit bored. So I like to mix it up. I have a couple of single shot dummy launchers I have made that will fit in a back pack. I may put out 2 wingers and a dummy launchers for a short bird. I do tend to use bumpers more in water as the cold dead ducks do not last well at all once they have been soaked.
    I have to disagree that the uplander throws a "good" mark. With a big heavy duck I find it only useful for short marks, and it is a pain to carry. Carrying three wingers is much easier than 2 wingers and a Uplander. Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky Trainor View Post
    Anyone have the URLs for good buys on the units you like?

    You might check out the sponsor section at the top of RTF where there is a sponsor called Gunners Up.

    The banner ad is a pretty neat feature, if you click on it will take you directly to the Gunners Up web site.

    I hope that helps....

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    I have several gunners up and have had them for a long time. They are great and I like being able to use birds and I use flyers for steady drills. I think the ability to use bird trumps the ability to repeat for me. I use the wheeler to reload and I can run a good number of dogs. I like the simple design with not a lot to go wrong. I like Dogtra electronics. I had two Max 5000s and after that I swore no more of that. They were good when they worked but I spent so much time trying to fix them I just got tired of them. Not sure if any of the new stuff is any better but for the money I am not sure. You can tell the difference watching dogs that have been on bumpers and few birds vs the dogs that have had a steady diet of birds and flyers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NateB View Post
    ..... and it is a pain to carry. Carrying three wingers is much easier than 2 wingers and a Uplander. Just my opinion.
    when all alone I try to set my stuff up close to / near my truck. then the dog and I walk way out into the field. kinda backwards from most but works well. makes pick up easy also.

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    For the ridiculous price of some of the these launchers you could put 3 wingers at the same station and throw birds without having to reload.

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