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Thread: Boykin Puppy, first bird, chomped down and wasn't giving it up.

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    That, and no doves at all until they've a season of bigger birds under their collars.
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    My boykin pup was 9 weeks old on the dove opener, he went bonkers over a flopping dove, grabbed it and didn't want to let go. Like others said, it is that he's birdie, now get him to love bumpers.

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    I have a 5+ mos. Ches. pup that started freezing and growling at me over ducks at 7 weeks. She would willingly return bumpers, but not birds. We tried again at about 12 weeks (because I'm a moron and hosted a Chesapeake field training day at my farm; and we had lots of other puppies and lots of nice fresh ducks) same thing. So she hasn't had any since then and we are in FF right now; when I am certain of her reliable response she'll be able to have birds again. I had her at retriever club training Sat., and we ran the marks as singles with bumpers, but the last station must not've heard and he threw her a duck. That was the only one she did not deliver to hand, but at least she didn't growl at me for taking it from her. If they love birds as pups, they'll still love them after FF.

    This is the little thug at 7 weeks. Notice her foot possessively on the duck and the classic stink eye. LOL.
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