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Thread: Well I'll Be!

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    Congrats, Mike & Flinch

    Hugh & Melissa
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    Awesome, congrats!!!
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    Congratulations to you & Flinch! All your hard work paid off.

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    Congratulations Gooser! You and Flinch have developed into a great team!!
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    MOST AWESOME POST!!!!!!Congrats
    Marty Lee

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    CCongrats Mike!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    Attachment 31649

    It all started approximately 4 ½ years ago.. WE brought home a little black female puppy..
    We had finally spent the time. We had mourned the unexpected death that cancer claimed ofo a dog that was way to young to go.. We loved Maddie dearly. Had tons desire, and a HUGE heart.. But,, she was taken from us.
    Chris and Eileen Jobman of Flatlander kennels contacted us about a littler that was expected to be on the ground soon. They were very gracious and offered us a puppy. The Pick of a female we wanted… So,,, One evening I received a text, with a picture of a tiny black fur – ball, announcing it was time.. A VERY long 8 weeks later, we made the trip to pick up the new addition… We wanted them ALL! But eventually 1 in particular caught our eye. Chris and Eileen had wriiten down the collar colors of 2 puppies that both of them though would be a good match for us… The one we picked was one of the two the Jobmans picked,,,,,and “Flinch” was loaded up in the cab of our truck and was on her way to her new home..

    We wanted to do this puppy right.. we did all the younun stuff…. Played with her, spoiled her, taught her all the babied habits…. But the time came when we had to take things more structured.
    Cherylon Loveland is up the road from us 94 miles.. I had been day training Maddie at her place.. Cherylon was in Texas when we brought Flinch home.. Cherylon said “just teach her her name,and don’t do anything else! J
    The most incredible experience of my life happened after she returned home from Texas. Cherylon offered to teach me how she does things, If I wanted to come early on day training days.. She offered to take me and the dog and teach us both. I JUMPED AT THE HONOR!!! She gave us home work each week,,and then the following week she would critique the progress. I would throw birds ,,shoot flyers ,,plant blinds after each lesson,, then we would work Flinch in for puppy work and marks… It has been the most incredible journey. Not only did I learn a lot,, but I made a very good friend.. She is just a Joy to me, and I owe her the world…

    Well,, the reason for this post is that tonight I edited my signature line,,and behind Flinch's name is Master Hunter…!!!! Imagine! Gooser with a Master Hunter! Most who know me agree its almost as miraculous as Water on mars…
    Thank You Miss Loveland! Thank you to the Jobmans! And Flinch….. we love you dearly…

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    Michael, Congratulations! I hope, in just a few days, to meet you in person and shake your hand!

    Sincerely, Chris
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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    Attachment 31657

    Walking away from the line after the final series run.. Stepped on the Marks,,, Lined the blind.. That moment when you cant look toward the people in the Gallery clapping, because you have a lump in your throat ,,and tears in your eyes..

    Been there done that. Congratulations
    Terry Crawford

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    Great Job Gooser & everyone else involved!
    Did they chuck you into the pond?
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