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Thread: Thanks for the Dance - Tributes/Condolences

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    It was a nice post thank you very much

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    wow i love this poem sir u are great

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    Default Dogs Spot

    Quote Originally Posted by D Osborn View Post
    Most of these come from a web site that deals with dogs and cancer. Goldens tend to die from cancer, 60-80 percent, and this is a very good place to go for help.
    My personal favorite is the one with the dog watching over things-I believe they do.

    "Grieve not,
    nor speak of me with tears,
    but laugh and talk of me
    as if I were beside you
    I loved you so
    'twas Heaven here with you."

    Isla Paschal Richardson
    Nice post sir thank you it was a nice reply glad to read this

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    Default For Casey-

    Tangleloft Radiant Gold--my Casey.

    Conformation dog who learned to love the field. The short version of 13 good years is she "awoke" when our boy, Kai came home. She was 8.
    Learned to swim at 8
    Dock dive at 9 --made the Dock Nationals at 11!
    And while she was a ball retriever, wouldn't pick up a bumper until one summers day at 12. She watched as her little bro and a friend made water retrieves--one after another. She finally said--what the heck--and grabbed one of his bumpers in the water. While she had the heavy coat of a confo dog, she did a great job of a 50 yd water pickup!
    Then, one AM at 13, she woke up --something was wrong. We went to the park. She was very slow. When I threw her ball, she couldn't reach down to get it. She blew a disc in her neck. Bad hips had crept up on her too. The pair made for an unstable gait. That was a problem.
    We tried conservative treatment but it did no good for a tough problem. We realized she was in intractable pain. One bad Saturday night meant Sunday would be her last. God was smiling on her. First sunny day of the spring. We took her to her favorite park and laid her down on a blanket. She looked pleased for the first time in weeks. Casey sniffed dogs, people -the wind. I was with her to her last breath but that's what you do for the best of friends. She was surely one to me.
    I will always miss my "Casey-Face" ---the prettiest girl that you ever did see. A late blooming field retriever....
    Casey-First H20-Bumper (2).jpgcasey by a pond.jpgCasey1 - Copy.jpg

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    There you were all alone, the last of the litter, the others are gone.

    It took only a minute for anyone to see, there’s no doubt, you’d be going home with me.

    A hasty decision SizeGenetics Review #Results some may say, deep in my heart I said “no way”.

    At eight weeks old we started to train, even in the bitter cold or the pouring down rain.

    Looking in your eyes you never seem to complain, I saw something special, I couldn’t explain.

    The days went fast you learned with ease, I never saw a dog so eager to please.

    You’re a pleasure to watch that statement is true, for your desire to hunt comes from deep inside you.

    You’re my companion, my best friend, It will remain that way to the bitter end.

    Though I dread that day, when the man up stairs, will take you away.

    I may morn or may even cry, for I know this is it, the final good bye.

    I’ll hold my head up and try not to be blue, for I know that God needs a hunting dog too.

    Ron Prince
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