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Thread: Entered in 1st Master & Running #1

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    At many tests I ran back in the day... They would ask people to sign up for running order to accommodate pros, etc. I enjoyed going very early and often first. Would evaluate the test by what my dog was doing in training, against what the test was set up to do. Watching other dogs is nice, but you do not know how they are trained and can begin to over think it.
    If you have a chance try to go watch a Master test you are not running at and watch the mechanics. Then watch the dogs and see the variability of their reaction to the test.
    The previous suggestions about airing your dog are great. If you can find some place, not on test grounds, to go do some simple marking drills and get your dog focused and settled into his/her job. I was so concerned about me being too hyped up at my first Master test, and thus the dog feeding off me, I forced myself to be very slow and deliberate about everything we did that morning, got a little carried away as she was a bit sluggish to start the test. But once the birds were down, she knew what to do.

    Remember, we do this to have fun. So try to enjoy yourself.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary M View Post
    I appreciate the inputs Remitaz! A little nervous but looking forward to it. I look at all tests/trials as learning experiences pass or fail. Thanks also to all those who contributed to this thread!
    One last suggestion: If you can, with permission of the judges, have someone take a video of your runs. They'll be a neat keepsake and you might learn something from watching them.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
    Good Dog Ranch
    Bob Swift

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    Thanks again for all the great inputs! Judges set up fair tests considering the weather and grounds. Both dogs did well and received qualifying scores. Learned a lot as a handler and we have many things to work on, but happy with our progress so far. A special thanks to John Cottenham, aka jacduck for his tutelage this weekend!

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    Awesome! First time Masters, two dogs and two passes!
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    Mike it was a pleasure watching you and seeing you all grow in just two days. Fine job and good luck in the future.
    John Cottenham aka jacduck in many circles before the internet

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