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Thread: Anyone have any experience with FHO surgery on retrievers?

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    Had a dog hit by a car that was @ 10 yo. I was at a trial in St Louis and and my kids, who were teenagers at the time, took him to the local vet. I was offered FHO which she would do or go to Madison for a hip replacement. She did say she had never done it on an @ 80# dog and she didn't know if he would be motivated to walk. He came home and he laid on his pillow for a few weeks and things were not moving along. I went to the store and one of my females tore up a catnip post and went goofy and tore off the front of my couch and I came home to a living room covered with couch insides. The injured fellow went in the bathroom to hide from the melee and not get blamed. After that he decided he could get up and walk. I remember at 6 months post op he was back to being able to run and had no limp. However, his other hip was strong and he lived another 3-4 years. He died of kidney failure which may or may not have resulted from trauma
    Nancy P

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    Two days ago the pup had her cast taken off the broken hock (this is same leg with the dislocation) and it now appears very unlikely she would be suitable for a hip replacement, unless things change drastically. We are doing 2 weeks of intensive PT including regular trips to a rehab vet. But the bad leg is so stiff and so little range of motion it does not look good that it will improve enough to make her a candidate for hip replacement. Right now since her hock was in a cast, her stifle, hock and toes are so stiff that leg is longer than the other one because it's so unnaturally straight. It's just a bad deal for this poor pup. The exercises that I and the rehab vet are doing with her are very painful, because of the stiffness, atrophy and of course, dislocated hip. It's not been a very good week. Keep her in your prayers. No I did not have insurance (which wouldn't even have covered half of what I've spent) and I don't care about breeding, I just dont' want her in pain.
    Julie R., Hope Springs Farm
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