Litter raising leasons learned
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Thread: Litter raising leasons learned

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    Senior Member bjoiner's Avatar
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    Default Litter raising leasons learned

    Raising my first litter in a long, long time. They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Outside of the normal socialization, bird intro, etc., is there anything people out there wish they would have done differently or do differently that they feel helps in raising and socializing a litter?
    Bubba Joiner

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    Senior Member saltgrass's Avatar
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    Sep 2008


    had a pro show me a pen built to let them play. Its on concrete. He put coffee cans and other objects in the pen that would make noise when they hit/pushed them around. pup's get use to dif type noises doing this. and at 7 weeks old not afraid of anything....

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    One thing I know my puppy buyers were very happy with was I put a small crate in the puppy pen that had no door, when they got tired of playing they would go inside and crash....all of my buyers said they were super easy to crate train and had very little problems with the first few nights away from the litter.

    One thing I wish i had not done was feed in the "flying saucer" seemed like too much competition and many of the pups were food "inhalers" as a possible consequence.

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    Senior Member Ron in Portland's Avatar
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    There was one thing my breeder did, that I noticed when I picked up my last pup. They had a large area in their basement for the puppy pen. It was 10x15, and shaped like a snowman. The "head" of the snowman was pine shavings, and the body was the play and living space.

    When I went to select a pup, we were playing with the ones we had to choose from and one of them paused, sat there for a second, and then walked through the narrow opening to the pine shavings and relieved himself. Then came back to play. (yes, he's the one that came home with me)

    Easiest dog I ever had when it came to potty training, since it was pretty much done by the time he came home at 8-weeks.

    I don't know if this is common practice or not, but it was the first time I'd seen it and thought it was a great idea.
    Ron Rhodes
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    my pups either have a pine chips litter box or are transitioned to an indoor/outdoor run by 6 weeks. They have a tube, steps and other things to play with and explore. Bottom half of a vari-kennel to sleep in.

    Does not matter if you use the flying saucer bowl or individual bowls--unless you feed them separately, inhaling kibble just happens.


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    Junior Member lindahenning's Avatar
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    Lots of handling. This last pup we got did not seem like he was handled very much. Granted his lineage is a bit hot but good lord. I think having quiet times in someone's lap, away from the litter for a few minutes in the evening does wonders. He is coming around but this has been the worst. Other than that his retreiveing is awesome.

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    We begin feeding in individual bowls in long feeding trays, but by 6 weeks the pups are fed in individual crates. After the first 2-3 feedings, they are pawing at the crate doors to be let in. They sit in their own crates waiting for us to put down a bowl. They learn to love the crates. When we take to litter to the vet and the eye doc, the pups just settle into the crates in our van and sleep. One or two might fuss at first, but over all its a nice trip!

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    Senior Member DavidC's Avatar
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    My litter is just a couple days younger than Bubba's. This is great stuff. Please keep it coming!!
    David Cuthbertson

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    Senior Member suepuff's Avatar
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    We litter train all our litters. Makes house training a snap. We have all different surfaces for them to get exposed to. We have a box that helps reach them not to worry about things touching their body and about noises close to them. Here are some videos:

    This is the pen, empty except for litter boxes and the crazy ball we just dropped in there

    The bottle pool:

    The outside pen

    The result? Bomb proof puppies. They like to learn, House train easy and generally aren’t scared of anything. Birds introduced too.

    There are no secrets to success. It is the results of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

    Sue Puffenbarger
    Wirtz, VA

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    Senior Member Tobias's Avatar
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    The bottle pool is genious, Sue!

    I try to have at least one type of battery operated toy for my pups (that I got at 8 weeks) - not unlike the one in Sue's video above. I think it helps them not to be concerned with flapping birds when they are introduced.

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