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Thread: Training Day/Hunt Test Punch List

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    Default Training Day/Hunt Test Punch List

    I'm looking for anyone who might have working lists of duties to put on a training day or hunt test and would be willing to share. We have a new Board coming on line this next month and I would like to be able to start with working documents. If anyone has duties of board members that would be a huge bonus! Thank you in advance! db

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    Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send you what our club has used.

    Ron Rhodes
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    PM Sent Thank you

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    Could you also please email me a copy of the punch list. By the way I'm in McMinnville and just getting started in hunt tests.

    [email protected]

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    Copied from the Retriever Hunting Test Procedure Manual How to Plan and Run a Testing Event Published by The American Kennel Club found on the American Kennel Club website.

    Hunting Test Secretary
    General Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Receives entries.
    b. Sorts entries by testing level.
    c. Prepares the catalog.
    d. At the beginning of a test, provides Judges with a sufficient number of evaluation forms for each dog running in the test.
    e. Submits records. See Chap. 1, Sec. 19, Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers. Perhaps the greatest assistance any club can give its Committee is in the area of records. Complete records of the club’s previous hunting tests can greatly aid the Committee in holding an excellent hunting test. These records are made available for study and comparison by the Hunting Test Secretary, who compiles all data concerning the hunting test. The club is responsible for proper storage and passes on the information to each succeeding Committee.
    f. Ensures that the catalog is properly marked and that the Judges’ and Hunting Test Secretary’s certifications have also been completed. The Hunting Test Secretary checks that all dogs receiving Qualifying scores are marked properly.
    g. Completes the Hunting Test Secretary’s Report for submission to Event Records, performance, AKC, 5580 Centerview Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606 with all of the records outlined in Ch.1, Sec. 19 of the Regulations.
    h. Sends records specified in Sec. 19 to Event Records, Performance, AKC, 5580 Centerview Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606 within 7 days of event. (There is a $25.00 penalty plus $5.00 per day late fee for records that are late.)
    i. Sends a marked catalog to Retriever Field Trial News for publication (4213 South Howell, Milwaukee, WI 53207).

    Hunting Test Chairman
    The Chairman is appointed by the club’s Board of Directors, and supervises the test and the people helping with the mechanics. The Chairman must be very familiar with the Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers, the Retriever Field Trial Rules and the Guide for Event Committees in Dealing with Misconduct.
    General Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Writes letters to Judges confirming assignment and dates.
    b. Supervises amenities for Judges such as:
    1. Letters confirming travel arrangements.
    2. Motel reservations.
    3. Reservations for Judges dinner.
    4. Meeting Judges at the airport.
    5. Arranging for meals and transportation at and during the trial. If spouse accompanies a Judge, arranges for hospitality for the spouse.
    c. Establishes source of birds early on and sets tentative number required.
    d. Reconfirms with bird source as test date nears and revises numbers if necessary.
    e. Arranges for ribbons and Judges gifts.
    f. Delegates duties to key personnel
    1. Marshal
    2. Gun Captain
    3. Bird Steward
    4. Host or Hostess (optional)
    g. Coordinates club flyer to accompany premium list.
    h. Escorts Judges around the hunting test grounds, and has test dogs available.
    i. Holds pre-test meeting with key personnel to organize test plans.
    j. Inspects the grounds a week before the test and reviews with the landowners any special restrictions.
    k. Orders sanitary facilities, if needed, to be delivered to test grounds.
    l. Designates exercise and camping areas.
    m. Ensures that all necessary equipment is on hand on the grounds prior to the start of the event, including—

    Birds Bird launchers
    Holding blinds and camouflage blinds to hide gun stations
    Lunch wagon (if provided)
    Trash cans
    Fluorescent ribbon (useful for gallery containment)
    First-aid kit
    Bird bands
    Bird sacks
    Life jackets
    Rat traps
    Shells, live and poppers
    Sanitary facilities
    Spray paint (useful for directional signs)
    Game calls (duck and goose)

    During the event, the Chairman is the administrative officer for the test and supervises key personnel.
    n. Following the event, the Chairman might handle personally (or delegate) the following tasks:
    1. Presentation of ribbons to dogs receiving Qualifying scores
    2. Presentation of gifts to Judges
    3. Judges transportation to the airport; prompt payment of Judges expenses
    4. Supervise cleanup of grounds
    5. Approves bills for payment
    6. Takes a monetary payment or gift to the landowner
    7. Writes thank-you letters to the Judges

    Hunting Test Committee
    Appointed by the club’s board of directors, the Committee must consist of at least five people, including the Hunting Test Chairman. The Committee may include the Hunting Test Secretary, but the Hunting Test Secretary cannot be designated as Chairman.
    General Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Approves Official Gunners for the test.
    b. During the test, the Hunting Test Committee carries the powers of the American Kennel Club and can use those powers to deal with any misconduct that may occur in connection with the test. Members of the Committee must be familiar with the Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers, Field Trial Rules for Retrievers and the Guide for Event Committees in Dealing with Misconduct. The Committee must investigate immediately any reports of unsportsmanlike conduct. If a misconduct hearing is required, refer to the Guide for Event Committees in Dealing with Misconduct. If a protest is filed against a dog, refer to Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedures for Retrievers.
    c. The Committee must attend the test. The Committee checks dogs with tapes or bandages before the dog is allowed to run, and, if requested, checks bitches that might be in season. Additional Information for Hunting Test Committees
    a. No training is permitted on the Hunting Test grounds from the start of the test to the conclusion of the test. However, areas apart from the grounds may be designated as exercise areas.
    b. Any dog entered in the test and present at the test, must run in all tests entered unless excused by Hunting Test Committee, after the Committee has consulted with the Judges. (Retriever Field Trial Rules.)
    c. No dog shall be brought onto the grounds and any dog which may have been brought onto the grounds shall immediately be removed, if it:
    1. Shows clinical symptoms of distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis or other communicable disease, or
    2. Is known to have been in contact with distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis or other communicable disease within thirty days prior to the opening of the test, or 3-5 - Hunting Test Procedures
    3. Has been kenneled within thirty days prior to the opening of the test on premises on which there existed distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis or other communicable disease.
    d. If it is impossible for an assigned Judge to complete his assignment, a substitute Judge may be appointed. If a large entry or unforeseen circumstances would prevent completion of the test, additional Judges in good standing with the American Kennel Club may be appointed. Notification of all changes in Judges must be sent immediately to AKC, Performance Events, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606 stating the reason for the change(s).

    Can only post 10000 words, continued with another post...

    All information was copied from the Retriever Hunting Test Procedure Manual How to Plan and Run a Testing Event Published by The American Kennel Club found on the American Kennel Club website.
    ~Willie Alderson

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    The Marshal is in charge of a test once it starts and is responsible for the mechanics, equipment and personnel.
    General Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Coordinates testing areas with the Hunting Test Chairman and the Judges
    b. Checks to see that each testing site has:

    • Sound and/or communications equipment (if used) to call dogs to be tested
    • Adequate directional signs
    • Trash cans
    • Holding blinds

    c. Appoints traffic person for each test. Responsibilities include:

    • Posting signs to test grounds
    • Posting signs for exercise area and test sites
    • Traffic control and parking supervision
    • Removes signs after test is over

    d. Locates sanitary facilities on grounds
    e. Locates trash barrels and appoints a person to be responsible for trash barrels during test
    f. Appoints an Assistant Marshal for each test.
    Responsibilities of Assistant Marshals include:
    1. Checking arrangement of equipment and birds
    2. Contacting Judges for requirements and instructions on tests
    3. Passing on Judges’ instructions to workers, entrants and gallery
    4. Controlling the gallery
    5. Coordination of communications equipment
    6. Watching for litter and policing area
    7. Timing of personnel changes
    8. Locating holding blinds
    9. Supervising bird planter, bird throwers and conveying Judges’ instructions about blind tests
    10. Making food and beverages available for Judges
    11. Removing birds from the line
    12. Coordinating move to next test and setup
    13. Acting as an announcer for the Judges—this includes:
    • Determining from Judges how to handle reruns
    • Calling for test dogs
    • Signaling the blind planter to plant the blind
    • Calling dogs to line in order of draw or as requested by Judges
    • Arranging for pick-up and/or bye dog
    • Recording scratches
    • Instructing where and how to move to next test site
    • Assuming command when the Marshal moves to next test
    g. The Marshal ensures that the following equipment is on hand prior to the commencement of a test:

    • Chairs for Judges
    • Empty shotgun(s) for use by handlers
    • Blind markers
    • Boat
    • Holding blind(s)
    • Launcher(s), if needed
    • Spray paint (useful for signs)
    • An extra (large-sized) dark or camouflage-colored jacket or coat
    • Decoys
    • Bird sacks
    • Game calls
    • Waders

    h. The Marshal’s post-event checklist:
    1. Club equipment to be returned to the Equipment Chairman:

    • Boat
    • Empty shotguns
    • Launcher(s)
    • Holding blind(s)
    • Decoys
    • Bird sacks

    • Camouflage blinds for gun stations

    2. Signs to be taken down and returned to Equipment Chairman
    3. Sanitary facilities removed
    4. Trash barrels and dumpsters emptied
    5. Trash barrels returned to Equipment Chairman
    6. Communication equipment returned

    Gun Captain
    General Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Appoints Official Gunners. Official Gunners must be:
    1. Very safety conscious, and refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages until the full completion of their assignments
    2. Good marksmen
    3. Diligent
    4. Willing to “pop,” i.e., fire blank ammunition
    5. Experienced in gunning for field events
    b. Submits list of Official Gunners to Hunting Test Committee for their approval.
    c. Makes sure each Official Gunner carries liability insurance.
    d. Makes sure each Official Gunner arrives at the test with the following:
    1. Shotgun, break-open preferably
    2. Rubber boots
    3. Hip boots
    4. Rain gear
    5. Dark or customary hunting attire
    6. Chair or stool
    e. Arranges for live and blank ammunition to be on Hunting Test grounds.
    f. Determines from the Judges the gunning requirements in each test.
    g. Assigns an assistant to each test he/she is personally unable to cover.
    h. Gun captain or his assistant assigns gunners as follows:
    1. Two live guns for each bird to be shot
    2. One popper (blank ammunition) gun for simulated shot
    i. Coordinates relief assignments and rotation of gunners with Marshals and bird steward.

    Official Guns
    Are Expected to:
    a. Be on time.
    b. Wear dark or customary hunting attire.
    c. Keep guns broken or action open.
    d. Carry gun in a safe manner and position at all times.
    e. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.
    f. Wait for signal from Judges to begin.
    g. Be consistent.
    h. Never shoot toward line, gallery or other guns.
    i. Refrain from moving about and making excessive noise.
    j. Remain on station until relieved.
    k. Refrain from working gun action or ejecting shell until dog has been sent to retrieve.
    l. Leave gun stations clean.

    Bird Steward
    Duties and Responsibilities
    a. Selects bird throwers, blind planters and assistant stewards.
    b. Assigns an assistant bird steward for each test.
    c. Assigns a person at each test to take birds off line after the retrieve.
    d. Assumes charge of birds:
    1. Arranges for delivery of birds to Hunting Test grounds
    2. Makes sure the birds are at the test sites
    3. Keeps a running count of all birds
    4. Rotates ducks (allowing drying time)
    5. Ensures humane treatment of birds
    6. Supervises disposal of dead birds and cleanup
    7. Conducts sale, if any, of leftover birds
    e. Puts up holding blinds.
    f. Supervises bird throwers, including rotation of personnel.
    g. Gives instructions to bird throwers:
    1. Have a bird ready to throw when dog comes to line
    2. Be consistent in throw
    3. Instruct replacements regarding any unusual conditions or test requirements
    4. Remain standing until dog retrieves bird unless instructed otherwise
    h. Ensures that the bird throwers bring the following:
    1. Rubber boots
    2. Waders
    3. Dark or customary hunting attire
    4. Rain gear and/or suitable warm clothing
    i. Supervises blind planters, including the rotation of personnel.
    j. Gives instructions to blind planters:
    1. Remain hidden
    2. Notify the bird steward or marshal when down to two or three birds
    3. Do not interfere with a running dog
    4. No noise

    Host or Hostess
    Is Generally Responsible for:
    a. Providing food and beverages for Judges while at test.
    b. Arranging a “tailgate” party, if any.
    c. Arranging a banquet, if any.

    Equipment Person
    Very often a club will find it helpful to appoint one person to oversee the transportation of the club’s equipment to and from the grounds and to be responsible for the storage of this material when it is not being used. The equipment person’s responsibilities could also include an annual inventory of this property as well as maintenance, repair and purchase of new equipment when authorized by the Board. Listings of equipment which this person might be responsible for will be found earlier in this Chapter under Sections 2 m and 4 g.
    ~Willie Alderson

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    Thanks Willie, very comprehensive list.

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    To add to that laundry list of jobs and responsibilities. We generally assign a "Gopher" or "Hot Shot". Who's main job is driving a side x side or pick-up between all stakes that take things from the trailer that were forgotten/misplaced. This is a real job and a huge help instead of sending a person and equipment away from the stake back to the trailer this person needs to be constantly available on the phone.
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    Originally Posted by FOM "you're welcome....unicorns, skittles and rainbow farts...."

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    Awesome Willie! Thank you!

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