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Thread: Winter training in the snow.

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    Lighter weight canvas bumpers with flags, they don't seem to get buried as deep in the snow and don't get hard enough to break teeth. Always gotta watch out for slippery spots the ones you can see and the ones under the snow.

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    Newf, your in box is full

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tdog View Post
    Try to keep winger electronics warm. I am going to experiment with wrapping them, I think something like a neoprene camera case or something similar would help.
    I wonder if you could use a handwarmer wrapped with some neoprene around the electronics to keep them warm?

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    Try again. Just cleaned it out.

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    Just did some great lining drills and obedience work in a grade school parking lot. Home in time for football. Did a fun search for winter training on the RTF here. Never realized the color of the socks I was wearing would make a difference. 😎

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    gumbo show cocker with rabbit.jpg
    In Scotland ,we get the Show bred American Cockers to hunt rabbits and make sure they have the right Coat on . Sure warms them up .
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    I pour a glass of wine, sit by the fire, read a good training book, and think about drills for April.
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    If there is no cover on the ground I don’t throw marks and will do a lot of blinds and drills.

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    Plow the snow away. I don't want my dogs running thru snow that could cause an injury.
    Quote Originally Posted by terrym2018 View Post
    What do guys in the north do for training when it is very cold out and lots of snow on the ground ? thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Kirkpatrick View Post
    Plow the snow away. I don't want my dogs running thru snow that could cause an injury.
    That would make one serious pile of snow in the places I train
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