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Thread: Ear cleaner

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    Every once in a blue moon we need an ear cleaner and we use TrizUltra+Keto Flush.
    $16 on Amazon
    Sherri Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    Attachment 72082 This is what I use, although I usually get the Ultra-Care which has an antibiotic. I haven't tried the regular wash. I don't use it unless we start smelling of funky cheese. IMO it smells much better than the purple stuff, which smells like vinegar; this one smell sort've like bubble bath, and makes the dog smell better overall . I didn't use to get ear issue until the dog split her eat awhile back now we get them ~2x a year (spring and fall), most likely the water we swim in gets junky 2x a year; would be my theory.
    This is what I have used for the past several years. Most ear disease is related to allergies and I have been fortunately to not have allergy issues in my dogs. I use this after a swimming session to help drive out the water. The "Ultra stuff has some hydrocortisone and ketoconizole, which helps with inflammation and yeast, not an antibiotic, but antibiotics are not usually needed for "maintenance issues". I have done this for years since finding the product and have not had an ear issue ever. I only use it during the hot humid summer months, not year around. We get so humid here I think that decreases the natural ability to dry on it own.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Since the ear is red already, I would take him to the vet. After that is cleared up, then I would do the weekly ear cleaning as a preventive measure. The vet may have the solution or a pet catalog would. I started with opticleans, but found the Foster& Smith ear cleaner and wipes were more gentle.

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    My dog would get ear infections. After a couple $100 vet visits I tried the "purple stuff". It seamed to work but I heard a lot of good things about Zymox and the last 3 years have used that once a month during the summer/early fall and have had very good luck with it.

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