Are there any Pod Casts related to Retriever Training, Field Trails or Hunt Tests
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Thread: Are there any Pod Casts related to Retriever Training, Field Trails or Hunt Tests

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    Default Are there any Pod Casts related to Retriever Training, Field Trails or Hunt Tests

    I travel back and forth from VA to NJ quite a bit and was wondering if there were any pod casts related to retriever training, Field Trials or Hunt Tests.

    Thanks in advance!

    Northern Neck, Leedstown, Va.

    Train Harder Than You Need To

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    We talkin' Boykin-centric podcasts, NNK?

    Used to be more than a handful of retriever podcasts/webcasts/online training services - I'm at a loss to cite them specifically but I believe on the hunt test level Justin Tackett who had the Waterdog website was one of the pioneers and plugging in Chris Akin's name will turn up some possibilities for you.


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    Your Retriever’s Perspective

    Sometimes the human or trainer's perspective may differ from the dog's perspective.
    This can result in problems. In this podcast, we give five examples where the retriever's perspective
    was very different than the trainer's perspective.
    As you get better and better as a trainer you will think more and more from your dog's perspective...

    Retriever Tune Up Drills

    A tune-up drill is a series of land or water blinds run on successive days.

    Tune-up drills can be useful for at least 4 reasons
    They get your retriever comfortable with multiple blinds
    They teach your retriever go straight in a blind corridor.
    They are useful to teach your retriever advanced blind concepts.
    They help you develop as the handler to be proactive and reactive to keep your dog in a tight blind corridor.

    The Initial Line: Barriers, Bugging, Spot Bowling, No-Seeums, Lining Bias

    In this podcast, we discuss training drills for working on lining with confidence.
    As a handler you need to "spot bowl" with your retriever's spine, eyes, and nose
    perfectly focused on a spot in line with the distant blind destination.

    Barriers and no-see-um blinds are setups that your retriever should be exposed to in advanced lining.

    Bulldogs, Dry Shot Pops, and Other Diversions

    Diversions are required at Senior or Master AKC Hunt Tests.
    In this podcast, we discuss how diversions can be easy or difficult from your retriever's perspective.

    Contrasting Marks

    In this podcast, we look at why contrasting marks can be difficult to untrained retrievers.

    A contrasting mark is conceptually very different than a previous mark.
    Contrasting marks could be back to back singles in a Junior hunt test, or a memory mark in Senior or Master hunt tests.

    Sometimes a hunt test setup looks like it will be easy.
    Yet it turns out to be difficult to inexperienced retrievers due to contrasting marks.

    Improving Your Retriever’s Memory Marking

    In this podcast we discuss how you can improve your pup's memory for multiple marks such as doubles, triples, and quads.

    Training Alone Compared To Group Training

    In this podcast, we discuss advantages of training your retriever alone, just you and your dog and training with a group of other trainers.
    There are advantages of training alone and there are advantages of training with a group.
    Ideally you should balance training alone with group training.

    Double Marks and the AKC Senior Hunt Test

    Double marks and the Senior Hunt Test are a big step from single marks and the Junior Hunt test.
    No longer do you "turn him loose and see what happens".
    Now you as the at-the line handler you need to develop a marking routine that
    1) prevents head-swinging, 2) prevents switching, and
    3) help pup focus on each mark and properly align and cue pup on that memory mark.

    Teaching Silent Heeling, Backwards Heeling and 2-Sided Heeling

    Heeling is an important part of retriever hunt tests.
    It is also important for everyday dog walks, and some hunting applications like jump shooting.

    In this podcast, we discuss training your pup 3 aspects of heeling:
    Silent Heeling, Backwards Heeling, 2-Sided Heeling.

    Whistle Factors in Handling Retrievers

    In this podcast we discuss how the use of the whistle in terms of timing, loudness, duration,
    environmental conditions, and your dog's expectations.
    These whistle factors can be important in training and handling retrievers for hunt test blinds.

    “Hunt Mode” on Blind Retrieves

    In this podcast, we discuss 4 reasons why some retrievers go into "hunt mode" while running a blind retrieve.
    These include 1) Training blind distance and canine expectations, 2) Scent down the line to the planted blinds,
    3) Come-in whistle conditioning "hunt-mode" near the end of the blind,
    4) Lack of training exposure to sudden bird scent at the middle of a blind .

    Timing in Retriever Training

    Timing is a key aspect of retriever training that is sometimes under-appreciated.

    In this podcast we discuss why timing can be important for all levels of retrievers ranging
    from effective timing teaching a puppy sit to effective timing for sending a dog on a memory mark
    to effective timing for a critical cast, or for a good initial line in blind retrieves.

    A Dozen Marking Tips

    In this podcast we go over a dozen tips to teach and maintain good marking in retrievers for AKC hunt tests,
    ranging from puppy tips to more advanced retriever marking tips.

    Single Marks and the AKC Junior Retriever Hunting Test

    In this podcast we we focus on single marks and why they can be difficult for junior level dogs.
    We then end with a discussion of the AKC Junior Retriever Hunting Test.

    Unconventional Retriever Drills

    In this podcast we focus on 4 unconventional drills and an unconventional approach to a conventional drill.
    I try to explain why these are useful for teaching important hunt test concepts such as
    1) teaching your dog lining to unknown destination with confidence, 2) literal casting to and from new unique locations,
    3) the perfect spinal alignment on each sit, 4) the concept of changing direction after each whistle stop,
    and 5) improving in reading your dog's focus.

    The Perfect Sit

    In this podcast, we discuss the perfect sit from 3 perspectives:
    1) Movement, 2) Position, 3) Silent Auto-Sitting

    How to SLOW DOWN when handling your retriever

    In this podcast, we offer 10 tips on how to SLOW DOWN at a hunt test, in training, and hunting waterfowl.

    Fundamentals II

    In this podcast we continue with 5 more retriever training fundamentals:
    Your commands as background noise
    Slow Down!
    Your dog's focus
    Your focus on your dog
    Training with variety and balance

    Rational Retriever Training: 5 Fundamental Rules and Why

    Often in retriever training we are told to do this drill, run this setup, enforce this behavior,
    but typically we do not get an explanation WHY?.
    In this podcast series, I want to focus on the why in retriever training for hunting, f
    field events such as HRC,NAHRA, AKC hunt tests and/or retriever field trials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Neck, VA View Post
    I travel back and forth from VA to NJ quite a bit and was wondering if there were any pod casts related to retriever training, Field Trials or Hunt Tests.

    Thanks in advance!

    Bob Owens does a good one. "Lone duck's gun dog chronicles"

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    "Duck Gun Podcast" gets trainers on there
    "Fueled" is starting to pick up
    "Lone Duck Gun Dog Chronicles" - has a ton of trainers on there, and is a trainer himself
    "Sporting Dog Talk"
    "Super Retriver Series - Behind the Line"

    Should be a decent amount for a few of your drives!

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    This is a two parter spotlighting Lauren Hays, winner of 2019 NFC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Neck, VA View Post
    I travel back and forth from VA to NJ quite a bit and was wondering if there were any pod casts related to retriever training, Field Trials or Hunt Tests.

    Thanks in advance!


    Lone Duck Chronicles is excellent! I travel into DC every week and it’s my go to!!

    the gun dog notebook is also pretty good!

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    Sporting Dog Talk with Tony Peterson is my favorite.
    The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs!

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