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Thread: Winger review

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    Troy Miller set up a Display at the Old South HRC training day Saturday. I got to see the Slingers close up and was very impressed.
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    Our club ordered 2 of them. It's been too cold and snowy to use them much, but they do seam well build. I do have concerns about the adjustable legs and wish we would have customized them to get legs unfold separate from the top to help in adjusting the throw. Everyone that saw it liked the release mechanism. Everyone's initial reaction was quite positive.

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    I've got 7 wingers; 1 Slinger Winger Realistic (the smaller one), 1 Zinger Winger and 5 Gunners Ups. Finally got fed up yesterday with failures out of some of them, working intermittently, probably plug issues. So, I just ordered 1 more Slinger Winger Realistic and 2 Slinger Winger Originals. I may recondition the others and sell them at hunt tests.
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    I bought a Slinger Winger Realistic a month ago, currently also have 3 SOG Gunners Up. I like the SOG but if I were starting over I would go with the Slinger Winger, like the quick setup and simplicity.

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    Our club bought 2 slingers over the winter. We've used them a little, but yesterday we had a pretty good sized training day and used them all day. They performed very good and we elected to buy 3 more. They are very easy to set up and everyone liked the release. They are pretty solid and don't move very much. A lot of time for our test, we have younger kids working the winger stations. After reading about someone's horrible injury here and experiencing a near miss with my gunners up this spring, the slingers seam like the best option for us.

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