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Thread: dog catching pheasants

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    Always appreciate hearing your perspective and experiences.
    I think if we released birds as far in advance as you do the losses from hawk n fox would be 99%.
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    Default dog catching pheasants

    Thanks for the input guys. I think I will whistle sit her as soon as she gets birdy. I don't think that will be a problem, as I've stopped her within yards of a bird when she sees on out in the open and takes off. I'm just not crazy about flushing the bird myself. I know this has been a problem for other guides this year as well. Last week, we had an appreciation hunt for veterans. The owner talked to all of the guides in private before the hunt. He said, "Guys, we can't have the dogs catching birds. If your dog does, wrap your arm around the dog and pinch the inside of it's flank. It will release the bird." DUH!!! Am I missing something here? That ain't gonna work for me....I'm too old, too slow, and too fat!!! Seriously, I wanted to say to him, "Well get our dogs some birds that will fly!!!! But I didn't. Hopefully, things will get better. Last year, all the birds wanted to do was run, run, run....not this year! Go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Blimp View Post


    I do see the point now about hunting pen raised birds released on the day. Tricky.

    What you describe isn't really all that close to common practise in UK. Pheasants and partridges will be released progressively in the close season and so can be more or less counted as wild birds when shooting starts some months later. By the turn of the year they are very clued up.

    This is a really cool way of doing it. I wish we could do it that way here. We have so many predators (coyotes, skunks, hawks and owls) that most fields would be cleaned of birds, after 1 night. The hawks will often take birds from the field while we are working them. Penned raised birds also tend to be really dumb. Wildlife officers have attempted to stock areas here, for hunters and they would like a wild population but those pen-raised bird are gone with-in 2 days. As a hunter you better get to them a few hours after they are released or you'll only find feather piles.
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    Let the dog do what it is trained to do. If the bird is still able to fly toss it up in front of the dog and while he stays steady the hunters can shoot the bird. It's the pheasants or too deep of cover that is the problem not the dog.

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    I had this issue while guiding also and I feel strongly that it was the bird planter dizzying them too much. You say they don't do it at all but they must do something to keep the bird from flying off. My issue was always with new guys who did not have the right "touch". I also hunted in the same direction the birds were planted so they had time to wake up; first area planted was the first area hunted.

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    Go to North Dakota and hunt wild birds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taeicher View Post
    Go to North Dakota and hunt wild birds!
    As I was reading, I started to think the same thing, but realized that I need to be incredibly grateful to have spent my entire life in wild pheasant paradise. The acres necessary to sustain wild populations just is not feasible in many areas.

    That said, my gal has caught two roosters so far this year and I'm ecstatic when she does. Saves me from missing.
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