Hunting/Training collar recommendations
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Thread: Hunting/Training collar recommendations

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    Default Hunting/Training collar recommendations

    Looking at collars and was wanting some advice on what y’all would recommend for hunting and training. I like the Dogtra Edge RT but think it might not be that practical when hunting. What do y’all think about the Dogtra ARC Wetlands, or the Dogtra 1900S? Open to others just wanted to hear yalls opinions. Thanks.

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    I'm happy with my Pro 550.
    I know some guys who have and like the Dogtra Edge.

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    Garmin sport pro
    Has lots of nice features
    And expandable

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    I've had a Garmin 550, liked the collar, loved the light on it. I got in 5 years ago or so and the battery didn't last very long at all in the cold. Then I made the switch to a Dogtra Edge RT, very similar to the 550 and is much more consistent than my 550 was. I really like the RT and 550 for training, however for hunting I do not like that big transmitter. It seamed like it always got in the way for me. This summer I picked up a used ARC at a good price. I really like the ARC for hunting, transmitter is small and stays out of the way, holds a good charge. I do miss having several different settings at my fingertips, but the small transmitter makes up for it to me.

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    I've had a Garmin 550, liked the collar, loved the light on it. I got in 5 years ago or so and the battery didn't last very long at all in the cold.
    Either you had bad luck or I have had very good luck. I've been very impressed with the battery life of the Pro 550. Last winter we trained many days when the temps were sub zero in the morning and didn't warm up much.
    The light is a pretty nice feature as well. There is also a bark collar feature which I never use.

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    If you train more than you hunt, I recommend a collar system with the tube style transmitter like the Garmin Pro 550 or the Dogtra Edge RT. In training you need flexibility and easy to find buttons so you can adjust without staring at the transmitter. If you mostly hunt, then most any collar will do.
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    Don't buy a collar without a look at the Educator 300 (1/2 mile) or 800 (1 mile).

    They are reliable, easy to use, transmitter and receiver are waterproof and if you go with the half mile (more than enough) much smaller in your hand than a tube transmitter.

    ecollar tech is the new kid on the block but very popular and get great reviews. I have about 200 in service at this point and rarely, if ever hear of any issues. Some of those units are 5 years old.
    Darrin Greene

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