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Thread: Drs Foster and Smith Pro Plan email???

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    From what I can gather, Petco, and also Dr. Foster and Smith (owned by Petco) is getting rid of Proplan because it contains artificial ingredients. Really stupid, because how many of the designer brands they sell have had a food recall?!
    Really going to stink for me because Petco is the only one offering me free delivery in Alaska. I guess Amazon used to, but per friends, they have stopped as well. Not only will I have to find a new brand, I will also have to resume picking it up at a retail establishment.
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    Update: Well, I was supposed to get delivery of the 19 bags I ordered today. I got the one bag of puppy food, no bags of ProPlan Sport. I immediately called F&S. They confirmed that I wasn't getting the others. "Look", I said, "You sent me a confirming email saying that the 19 bags had shipped. I got 3 confirming emails from UPS that the shipment of all 19 bags was enroute!" They apologized. I told them I didn't care about their apology and I want my almost $600 back immediately. "Oh, and btw, remove me from your mailing list. I'll never buy a thing from you again." Immediately contacted Chewy to update my autoship to tomorrow.
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