Microchip those pups baby.
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Thread: Microchip those pups baby.

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    Default Microchip those pups baby.

    Just got a call that no breeder wants, one of your pup is at the humane society somewhere's found with no tag no ID, still they scanned the dog and found a microchip, which happens to be registered to the original person who bought that microchip. The new owner has forgotten to change it to their name. Feelers go out records are checked, hours later we finally find a number and a very distraught owner, who has been looking for several days. Dog went missing with a collar with tags and ID, meaning most likely someone has been housing dog, in any case she is found and going home. Think I'll be investing in many more microchips.
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    I've microchipped every puppy/dog that leaves my home, for many years. I've gotten that call maybe 6 times. I keep the chip numbers with the litter records of course, but it does take some time to go through them manually to find the chip number and the owner info. How many times we emphasize to the new owners to put chip in their name as soon as they get home, but of course, humans procrastinate. Regardless, 6 dogs have made it back home that got lost for one reason or another, (usually a dog sitter or some type of service/repair person has inadvertently left a gate/door open) and that makes it worth spending a few bucks on microchips and taking the time to keep good records. Glad it worked out for your dog too.
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    Which registry was the chip listed with?

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    The other thing that happens is people dump their land line for a cell so the breeder does not have a current phone number. One dog was lost and at the humane society and was picked up near the address I had so they could find the owner.
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    I normally try to have faith in people...especially those that I sell my pups to. Many years ago I sold a black male pup with a health guarantee. The owner furnished all documentation that was outlined in the guarantee when his pup was not given an OFA number for bad hips. I, of course, honored the guarantee but have always questioned if the xrays were actually of the pup that I sold him. Since that time, I have microchipped every pup leaving my kennels. That microchip number is noted on the health guarantee. No way for sneaky people to tell the vet that it is dog "X" when it is actually dog "Y" Just another instance where microchipping your pups can be very helpful.

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    My vet switched to PETLINK . I pay him , and no charge ever for the pup's owner . When the chips first came out I used them . New pup owner had his wife walking the pup in the park in Brooklyn . Pup got away ....Pup was reunited with his fam,ily in about 2 hours . Have used them ever since .

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    Ive' been microchipping my puppies and personal dogs now for nearly 25 years. Several lost dogs were found over the years since I was the originally purchaser of the microchip. Sadly, a couple owner phone numbers had changed, and I didn't have current details so could not be of assistance to help locate.

    In the last few years, I have been taking it a step further and all my pups are registered in the new owners name in AKC ReUnite. I don't rely any more on the client following my detailed instructions, and want to be sure that intial registration step is done. I do stress that although I take care of the original enrollment, it's up to them to keep their record current.
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    I register myself as the backup contact and our vet is registered as the provider and all pups are in the vet's system. Proved it just today as Charlie went in for an annual and one step I require at an annual is that they find the chip and recognize it.

    Another thing, to toot the horn, the database in K9Data has a spot for chip numbers.

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    Call me old fashioned, I prefer to tattoo a dog. A couple of my German breed clubs require it.

    The main 2 reasons I prefer the tattoo to the chip is that they always work and they don't drift. While the drift might be minimal or have minimal consequence in a house pet, on let's say a highly active dog with little subcutaneous fat (like a ft pointer), the drift can be significant and cause health issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frontier View Post
    In the last few years, I have been taking it a step further and all my pups are registered in the new owners name in AKC ReUnite. I don't rely any more on the client following my detailed instructions, and want to be sure that intial registration step is done. I do stress that although I take care of the original enrollment, it's up to them to keep their record current.
    This is what I do as well. The other advantage with AKC Reunite is I can be listed as a permanent 2nd contact. If the current owner can't be reached, I know I'll eventually get called.
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