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Thread: Apprentice judge

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    Default Apprentice judge

    Looking to apprentice. I am needing to apprentice in juniors. Let me know if any one is willing to allow to apprentice under them with in driving distance of Texas

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    Senior Member jacduck's Avatar
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    Contact HT secretaries and offer. My suggestion worked for me in TX.
    John Cottenham aka jacduck in many circles before the internet
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    Senior Member Ron in Portland's Avatar
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    Yep, I agree with Jacduck. Best to just select a test that works for your schedule and location, contact the HT secretary, and ask if you can apprentice. Or pick a test that have judges you'd like to apprentice under, and ask the HT Sec and judges. You have to go to them. They have too much going on to seek you out.
    Ron Rhodes
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