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Thread: Derby Question?

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    Thanks! I Appreciate the information

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerfan View Post
    You said: "your dog has to be STEADY"
    While it may be a good practice, The rulebook clearly does not require or agree with that..
    Whether or not you know anybody who would enter a dog in a derby that's not steady is irrelevant. I suspect you know very few people who have entered any FT stake, because in almost every one of the 100's of FT I have been to I have seen unsteady dogs entered in both minor and AA stakes. And if you've never seen an unsteady dog at a derby you have been to very few, ( if any) Derbies.

    You might want to familiarize yourself with the rulebook before again giving erroneous advice regarding same

    The rulebook also doesn't forbid retired guns.
    Historically retired guns were (very)unlikely, but that is not so much the case anymore.

    I didn’t realize that retired guns were becoming more common. I’ve judged a couple of Derbys and seen a few but I appreciate experienced field trailers like yourself sharing. That’s how we learn on RTF especially one with more than a hundred events under his belt and with a thorough knowledge of the Rule Book and nuanced trends like retired guns in the Derby. This is why we have RTF.

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    I think you should just go watch one. You&#39; will get the idea pretty quickly. Then you will know what is expected from the dogs to complete a Derby.</p>
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    Things I have learned from the few derbies that we have run.

    The most obvious one being that you had better have a dog that can mark above average. The second being, you had better have a dog that can perform consistently at the trained concepts that you will encounter at the derby! I don't necessarily agree with the trained concepts, but if you want to be competitive your dog better be comfortable doing them.

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