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Thread: Two down the shore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    I read that dog is a MH and 3yrs. of age. An Mh should already understand indirect collar pressure, either in or out of the water, on marks, on blind etc. Unless MH is meaning a lot less than it used to.
    If it’s a puppy, MH or NFC, what is pressure going to solve if the dog is giving effort and trying to do what it thinks is right by staying in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    Sounds like he's been pre-programmed to swim to the end of the pond to get out. What is lacking is understanding that some times he need to get out in different locations-different angles. Me if I know he saw the mark, I'd let him swim beyond the mark (TWEET) NO-NICK!!! (TWEET TWEET TWEET) OVER. Re-run troubled mark as a single. Reset-up concept later in different local. Begin differing where and how he needs to get out. I might also setup 5 stake drills on the pond, to teach different entry and exit protocols. Seems Like he's only got one picture in his mind, for this pond (or any pond) so I'd use blind stake to teach him others. Then transition that to marking.
    If a dog is lacking in understanding, I personally would not feel comfortable recommending pressure as the first step to work on.

    I'd urge the reader to teach the dog and show the dog what is wanted. Then repeat. Help the dog clearly understand what's supposed to happen by some sort of simplification. Several good suggestions have been made.

    Make down the shore and getting out at the bird just another day at the office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjoiner View Post
    If it’s a puppy, MH or NFC, what is pressure going to solve if the dog is giving effort and trying to do what it thinks is right by staying in?
    bjoiner , you are spot on , OP dog in my humble opinion is on the right side of the fence he's giving effort and staying in the water, maybe a bit of imbalance for water (not a bad thing) pressure into a factor(water) and beg them out (teach)

    Good grief nicking a pup out of the water , you got love it!
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    I do not know by what means you taught(or he learned) "de-cheating" but this maybe the origin.

    You might try placing 3-4 visible piles down the shore and lining as a drill to each. The goal being teaching him that the line given tells him sometimes you get out and sometimes you swim past.

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