(IN) GMPR CVK High Octane Keeping It ‘Lean’ (Jett) x HR Orion’s Ziggy Stardust
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Thread: (IN) GMPR CVK High Octane Keeping It ‘Lean’ (Jett) x HR Orion’s Ziggy Stardust

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    Default (IN) GMPR CVK High Octane Keeping It ‘Lean’ (Jett) x HR Orion’s Ziggy Stardust

    GMPR CVK High Octane Keeping It ‘Lean’ (Jett) x HR Orion’s Ziggy Stardust
    2 Chocolate Males & 1 Female (May Be Black or Chocolate) Available

    Here's a link to Jett's webpage. https://www.coteauviewkennels.com/studs . Jett has a list of good health clearances. I have seen copies of the documentation to confirm the test results listed on his webpage.

    Ziggy isn't featured on my website, but you can see some of her family featured there. Her mother is Orion’s Wingmaster (Remi). http://www.orionlabradors.com/ I apologize for the website being out of date. It's hard to find good webmasters.

    Jett was sired by Cashman's PDQ of Orion, a dog I bred and raised. I owned PD until his 5th birthday and I know him very well. He is extremely talented and intelligent; probably the most talented performer in the field I have ever owned. Jett was very attentive to me, a total stranger, when we visited him in SD last fall. Jett reminds me a lot of PD, but Jett may be a little more laid back.

    Dogs from Jett's mother's bloodlines cross well with Cashman's Super Trooper dogs. Ziggy is linebred on Trooper. I think this breeding shows a lot of promise. Here's a link to a pedigree for the breeding. http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=950247

    Jett and Ziggy should produce puppies which are very smart and affectionate. They should have plenty of talent and drive, but will probably have softer temperaments than most American field bred Labs, which goes along with having naturally compliant natures. Of course they should have good health and sound functional conformations too.

    The puppies were born June 6th. I was expecting an all black litter, though there was an outside chance of a chocolate puppy, but that was not my motivation for this breeding. However, I was gifted with four chocolate puppies. The chocolates will be good out-crosses with most other chocolates because they are not from any of the popular chocolate ancestors. They are also dark chocolate pups. I am accepting deposits of $500 toward a total price of $1,500 per puppy. If you have any questions please contact me via email at [email protected]


    ·OFA Hips: Good
    · Elbows: Normal
    · EIC: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · CNM: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · PRA: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · DM: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · HNPK: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · RD/OSD: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · SD2: Clear (DNA Tested)
    · CERF: Normal


    · PennHip: LDI= 0.24 ; RDI = 0.20 ; >90thPercentile
    · OFA Hips: Good
    · OFA Elbow: Normal
    · EIC: Clear
    · CNM: Clear
    · PRA: Genotypically Normal for PRCD-PRA
    · RD/OSD: Normal
    · OFA Eyes: Normal 01/31/2019
    · DM: Clear
    · HNPK: Clear
    · SD2: Clear
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