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Thread: Any Advice for 1st Hunt Test?

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    Thanks for all the great advice.

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    In this podcast we we focus on single marks and why they can be difficult for junior level dogs.
    We then end with a discussion of the AKC Junior Retriever Hunting Test

    In this podcast, I offer 10 tips on how to slow down at a hunt test:

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    I was at a hunt test last weekend. There were many dogs that marked very poorly. Not all dogs are great markers but I think many had been conditioned in training to be sloppy markers with simple double and triple marks. If a dog can run out to the gun station wander around and be rewarded with a bird, what is the incentive to mark well?
    Every mark in training should be challenging and many should be singles. If a dog has to hunt his guts out a for tough marks he will learn to concentrate and focus on the fall rather than just run and hunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalouseDogs View Post
    Folding chair
    Cooler with lunch, water, sodas (if desired), etc. I like to bring an insulated cup with ice and a freezer baggie of clean ice for drinks as well.
    Plenty of water and a water bowl for the dog. I bring a small lunch for the dog, too. Opinions differ on whether a dog lunch is necessary.
    Shade cloth for the vehicle. Shady spots get snatched up fast and the natural shade moves around anyway.
    Leash, whistle, duck call.
    Bug spray and sun screen lotion
    Extra pair of dry socks and shoes to change into at the end of the day.
    Towels for the dog.

    Optional, but recommented
    Washing water and a small travel bottle of dilute liquid dish soap for washing hands and (if you wear them) eye glasses. (Also, a clean cotton cloth for drying the eyeglasses).
    Along with the extra shoes and socks, I like to bring a change of outer clothes in case the test outfit gets mud-splattered and/or smelly from dead duck, swamp water, and wet dog.

    When you arrive, find the Marshall and check in. Get a catalog so you can see who's running. Don't expect to go in the order listed. The Marshall will be trying to fit in the handlers with multiple dogs or a dog in more than one stake. This time of year, be especially aware of whether your dog is staying cool. Good luck and try not to take it all too seriously.
    Great post , Great check list. It's the simple things that matter.
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    Do. Not. Moon. The. Judges!!! They frown on that....... Don't ask me how I know.
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    When at the last holding blind, it's long been my ritual to tell the pups, "Win, lose or draw, you're still my guy." Puts me in a the right frame of mind. (Not a one of them to date has been netspurt enough to feel the need to inform me that tests are pass/fail.) Then we go have fun.
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    Watch dogs before you run and pay careful attention as to how they perform. Depending on the test level pay close attention to the problems that the dogs have. Try to plan your run and anticipate the issues. Pay close attention to the location of the fall areas and blind locations.
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    Have fun in Wabamun!
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    For all the messages providing advice, no one has said, "Read the rules." I used to do this before every test I ran or judged even after 20+ years.

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    1.) Have fun!
    2.) Hold the dog's collar on both birds.
    3.) Be sure to wait for the judge to call your number before you let em go. Plus that helps the dog really focus in on where the bird fell. The tendency is to let them go real fast after you see the bird fall. It'll feel like forever but be sure to wait for the judge to call your number.
    4.) Have someone take pics of your run if you can.
    5.) Thank the judges after your run.
    6.) Meet as many folks as you can and cheer them on no matter how your dog does.
    7.) Crack a cold one or five later that evening!

    Have fun...there's nothing like your first hunt test!

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