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Thread: Feeding Wet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post

    Feeding a large meal and feeding dry kibble with water are both listed as risk factors for breeds predisposed to GDV.
    I didn't have time to go through your info but will this weekend. I will also look for the study that I mentioned. With just a quick search I found this vet blog that may be influenced by that study:

    Excerpt 1: Blend Canned Vs. Dry Foods: Dogs that eat wet food or a combination of canned, wet food with some kibble have a lower risk of bloat than dogs who only eat dry food.
    Excert 2: Feed Low: Have your dog eating from a feeder or bowl that’s low on the floor.

    Link: I apparently can't post a link (mine or yours via quote) because I haven't had 5 posts but the blog is from milehighvet

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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I went back and read additional material and the study (synopsis of the study) does not specify that adding water is better, just that canned is better. The one I will be pasting in (still haven't posted enough to be allowed to add links) states that adding water to kibble that contains citric acid increases the risk of torsion.

    Dr. Larry Glickman, from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine followed 1914 dogs with no prior history of GDV and found that the breed with the highest average lifetime likelihood of bloat is the Great Dane at 42%. Other breeds with a higher than average risk includes Bloodhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Irish Setters, Akitas, standard Poodles, German Shepherds, and Boxers.
    Other risk factors include lean body mass, aging, first degree relatives who have bloated, and eating quickly. Nervous, fearful, and/or aggressive dogs have an increased risk of bloat, and some dogs bloat after a recent kennel stay or long car ride.
    “I moisten my dog’s food and elevate the bowl so it’s easier for my dog to digest.”
    Dr. Glickman’s study revealed these findings:

    • Feeding in an elevated feed bowl surprisingly resulted in a 110% greater risk.
    • Dogs fed dry food containing citric acid that were moistened before feeding resulted in a whopping 320% greater risk!
    • Dogs fed dry food with fat among the first 4 ingredients resulted in a 170% greater risk.
    • Dogs fed one large meal per day had an increased risk of bloat.

    Ways to decrease the risk of bloat?
    The Purdue study uncovered the following ways to decrease the risk of bloat:

    • Feeding table food resulted in a 59% decrease.
    • Feeding canned food, a 28% decrease.
    • Feeding a dry diet with a rendered meat meal, including bone, as one of the first four ingredients decreased the risk by 53%.

    While there is no consensus on the causes of GDV, or how to prevent it, some recommendations can be made:

    • Feed multiple small meals.
    • Don’t breed a dog with a first degree relative that has bloated.
    • Consider gastropexy. Studies have shown that dogs that have bloated and survived will have a 76% chance of bloating again with half of them bloating within 3 months. Dogs undergoing gastropexy (attaching the stomach wall to the body wall) have only a 6% chance of reoccurrence.
    • The use of Phazyme can prove helpful in eliminating some of the gas in the abdomen, but some veterinarians warn against its use as it could cause vomiting, which could lead to aspiration.

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    I feel like that's too much water. Before when my he was still a pup he can't eat solid food so I would add 1 cup of water just for him to like it but now I only put 1-2 tablespoon of water. I think 2 cups is too much and would not help your dog's teeth to be stronger and get rid of some cavities.

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    Rowdy gets dry kibble only with free access to water. Shadow who is almost 14 gets a little water in his kibble. Dogs become my wife's pets when they retire. Shadow gets water in his kibble probably because i told my wife to feed dry.
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    What is the ideal food for golden retriever? What measures we should follow to feed them?

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    Do you feed once or twice a day? How much per feeding?
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    I only feed dry food when we are at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david maddox View Post
    do you feed once or twice a day? How much per feeding?
    1/4 am
    3/4 pm

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    Todd Scheuble has a lot of information about this topic. Elements.dog He is very friendly and informative.

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    I think it based on the need of your pet, some dog need more water when they are being hydrated

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