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Thread: Silver Labs: Pretty decent practical take from a dog trainer. Long but worth it IMO.

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    If owners do not adhere to the breed standard they are detrimental to the breed. Somewhere along the breeding these dogs will find their way into other Labradors and when the waters are muddy we will have a mess we don't want or need to be faced with. Be a responsible breeder, breed to the standard and use only animals that have health clearances!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinGreene View Post
    If you take the time to listen to him - he's not advocating one way or the other about anything and he does know quite a bit of the anecdotal history and story telling. He also talk about some of the deficiencies in the silver dogs he's seen as they relate to proper labradors. If you had someone who was considering a silver, thinking they were really getting a lab, and they watched that video, I think they'd be pretty convinced by the end not to go that route. He does a nice job of explaining why without truly advocating one way or another. Allows a person to come to their own conclusion - which we all know is the most effect way to change someone's mind. Pretty good piece, I think.
    I agree with Darrin, it is actually a very good video that touches on many points regarding the issues in a non-confrontational format. One thing that I did notice was at times he was eluding to the "hey, they're nice dogs so what's the big deal" as a way to diffuse negative attitudes about them. My only issue with this effort at breaking up a conflict is when people do that it seems that they really don't get it completely. Respect for the breed, that, at least for myself is the driving force of concern. This whole doggy world trend towards designer-esque dogs is something that individuals who truly admire and respect the Labrador definitely do not want as part of the Lab's future.

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    Default I found a litter

    Here's a litter
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    Quote Originally Posted by windycanyon View Post
    The AKC Parent club (LRC, Inc) feels very strongly about the topic. Funny thing but so do my Weim friends. Everyone associated w/ real Labs and Weims knows Silvers / dilutes are really a mix. Let them form their own breed. Just don't call it a Labrador of any sorts.
    I fully concur.👍

    Mike ☘️🇮🇪🇺🇸

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakester View Post
    Here's a litter
    Don't give the AKC any ideas, for a little money they might register that litter.
    If you are offended by what is said, ask yourself, is it because it was true?

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