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Thread: Oh Come On!

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    Default Oh Come On!

    Anybody else seen this? https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/27/busin...nts/index.html Since when is stating an innocent (and pretty obvious) fact become such an offense that it is national news. I've lived in areas where the population is well over 50% Hispanic for most of my life, and I can assure you that the average Hispanic male is smaller than the average non-Hispanic. There were about 760 people in my graduating class in highschool, and at at just short of 6'3" I was either the second or third tallest person in the class. The four tallest had these last names" Mitchell, Stewart, Lieck, and Webb. Most of the rest of the class (which was probably at least 75% Hispanic) was well under six feet tall. Had I lived in the midwest with a bunch or corn fed Germans, Czechs, etc, I probably would have known plenty of fellows taller than I am. I can hardly stand the "victim" wars these days.
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    Some rumors going around many progressive leaning schools are preparing to drop AP classes because of stats like those listed......You can't force anyone up, but you can sure drag everyone down. Odd that Asians are not considered a minority when they out preform whites, what definition of minority are they using?

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    I ignore anything from CNN, amoung many other totally FAKE NEWS outlets!

    Nothing they print our say can be taken seriously, or in some cases, they are passing on something the Liberal Socialists are doing to ruin our country! Either way, it is all "doggie do do"

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