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    Default From the Gallery

    I often visit this forum to keep track of the situations as they relate to those that post regularly. Recently,
    two emotional insights have surfaced. First of all, I am very fortunate to be 79 years old. Secondly, I have
    a great many uneasy predictions about what is in store for my aging children, grand and great-grandchildren.

    The previous thoughts caused me to research the difference between bias and opinion. The result may be
    obviously clear (or not). However, in doing so, it provided a greater understanding of what drives this forum.
    Keep in mind that this was an emotionally driven moment. The following is somewhat of a summary.

    "What is the difference between bias and opinion? by Truth Finder

    Opinion is value judgement about someone or something. It does not state the data, it interprets them. There
    could be alternative opinions about the same event based on a different interpretation. Opinion might change in
    light of new information.

    Bias is more of a judgement often uncorrelated with data. Bias also restricts acknowledgement or acceptance of
    a different viewpoint. Bias is very less likely to change even if new information is presented. Opinion is the
    ability to see both sides of the coin and giving your honest feedback devoid of any malice and/or vested interests.
    Bias is the inability to do the above and letting your personal preferences dictate terms.

    • What does it mean to have a biased opinion?
    • What is the difference between subjective bias and objective bias?
    • What is the difference between prejudice and bias?
    • What is the difference between biased and unbiased?
    • What is the difference between bias and hate?
    • What is the difference between hindsight bias and outcome bias?
    What is the meaning of "blatant bias"?
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    Jim Boyer

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    Maps are useful sometimes. Ironically they can cause biases. A map is not the terrain. You can step in a hole that isn't on the map. My maps cause me to step in holes. But .... you got to have them.

    Your map might be as good as any. I think another term for map is filter. I read that to judge a filter, it can be judged by whether it makes you happy and how well it predicts the future.

    Here is two words from one of my maps:

    confirmation bias

    cognitive dissonance

    There is a really interesting thing about cognitive dissonance:

    When someone has cognitive dissonance, they will imaginatively fabricate something to confirm their bias and totally believe it. It is kinda scary. People involuntarily make up stuff.

    Sorry if that is weird. I don't see any harm in it.

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    Jim, our politicians today also creatively use another very dangerous variant of the word, it is "buyus".
    john mccallie

    cornbread and ice tea 's took the place of pills and 90 proof

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