'Symbol for hate groups': Couple told to remove
Betsy Ross flag from soccer game
by Ellie Bufkin, The Washington Examiner | September 05, 2019 09:18 AM

Acouple in Utah waving the 13-starred Betsy Ross flag at a Real Salt Lake soccer game was told to stash their American banner or risk ejection from the game by stadium personnel…

…Diana Scott said of the couples attempt to wave the flag at a Real Salt Lake game. Stadium officials claimed the flag was a "symbol for hate groups."

…A statement from Real Chief Business Officer Andy Carroll implied that the flag represented values that were inconsistent with the soccer team's."Recently, and very controversially as well as surprising to us, the Colonial flag has been adopted as a symbol for hate groups," Carroll said."Any controversial flags or other similar banners or signs with symbols of hatred, divisiveness and/or intolerance whether intentional or otherwise will not be permitted in our stadiums. Period." End

The League has announced that this policy is now in place with all teams!