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Thread: Puppy paddling???

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    This is my 12th pup since Feb ‘91. I’ve never had one puppy paddle. All but 1 of my pups were water CRAZY!!! This pup may be the most water CRAZY I’ve ever owned.
    Last week I had her running setups for my big dog. One of the land marks was 175yds. The line/mat was 50 or 60 yds away from one of the ponds. We ran the mark away from the water. My girl front footed the mark, flew back “towards” me, then took a 45 deg turn towards the water. What a beautiful water entry she showed while holding the bumper!!! She decided she was gonna make a big swimming loop around the lake. GO FIGURE!!!
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    Love it David!
    The way I look at it, every dog is an opportunity to be a better trainer, and every day is a new day to be a better trainer to the same dog we trained yesterday.

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